A £1 Haul!

Howdy cowboys and girls!
We all love a bargain right?! Of course we do, silly question! So i thought I'd share with you the few things i bought from the often underrated PoundWorld (not to be confused with PoundLAND, not sure what's bigger or grander, a land or a world? I'd imagine world, i digress).

 Yeah, you see right, Revlon nail varnishes for one measly pound! 
They had quite a lot of colours but i was amazingly restrained for me and only got these two beauuuuties.
Temptress (which is a bad name for this colour in my opinion, Temptress conjures up an image of a dark colour to me!) is a perfect bubblegum pink, really striking and fun, i wore it the other day and i got a few compliments on it, you can just see the colour on the right side of the nail wheel in the first picture.
Demure (again, not a brilliant name, is it just me who is picky about product names?!) is a perfect peachy-coral, i really love it and think it's a perfect Summer colour! 
Now, these applied really well on the nail wheel, but when i applied them to my actual nails i found them a bit of a bugger, slightly gloopy and they did that annoying thing where they develop miniscule bubbles under the polish, which pisses me right off! I'm hoping it might have just been because the couple of times i've used this i had a bit of nail varnish remover residue on my nails because i'd hate to be disappointed by these lovelies! 

This is a bit random, but these are AMAZING.
If you've ever tried Cadbury's Clusters then these are exactly the same, basically cornflakes and raisins clustered together and covered in chocolate, except these use Milka chocolate (cheap rip off of Cadbury's, nicer in my opinion!) and instead of being over £1 for one bag, these are 2 bags for £1! Becoming morbidly obese has never been so cheap for me! I also got a can of Relentless energy drink (i know, it's naughty) because i was KNACKERED on Saturday after work and it really perked me up! Until i crashed later on, oh well! You can't beat pound shops for snackage!

Anti-Perspirant, always an interesting purchase! I haven't tried these before but they smell really lovely, and you can't really go wrong for £1 can you!?

These weren't from PoundWorld but i thought i'd throw them in anyway, these are half price in Superdrug at the moment so about £1.35 for the lace scent and slightly more expensive for the tinted brunette version, which is my favourite kind of Batiste (pop fact!).
And that's my little haul! Basically i'm skint as a nit at the moment so my hauls are going to be pretty ''mini'' for a while, SAD FACE :(.

Also thought i'd share with you what i received from a site called What's In My Handbag, which is a great site where you can sign up, take a peek into other peoples handbags and build a wishlist of the stuff in their bags, upload a picture of the contents of your own bag and also allows you to request to try lots of different samples that they advertise on the site, it's a great idea and a bit of fun to pass the time :) (Just like a little website i'm now part of, What I'm Wearing Today! Have a little peruse of my profile if you get a minute, it's great to see other peoples outfits, nice having a bit of a nose at other people haha!)

 How cute is the packaging?! I love the personal touch, i'm a sucker for the little details!
The sample i got sent was Elemental Herbology Cell Plumping Facial Hydrator with SPF 8 (try and say that after a few sherbets!), this is £42 for a full size and on first impressions, i wouldn't buy it after i use this sample up.
It doesn't make any noticeable change to my skin, although i have only used it twice, plus it has a awful smell, like a mish mash of different herbs, really not my cup of tea!

This was only supposed to be a short post...oh well!! :)
Speak to you guys soon (sooner than you think if you're kind enough to leave a comment!) 

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  1. I love Batiste Dark! Nice bargains!

    1. It's my fave! seems to do a better job than all the others too :)

  2. We don't have poundworld where I live, it looks good though! I got those sure anti-perspirants for 1/2 price in boots today and thought I was getting a good deal, not as good as yours though! x

    1. Yeah it is, i always find such good bargains in there!!

  3. have i been hiding under a rock?! - i didnt know bastite done a dark dry shampoo! oh dear lol.. *adds to shopping list* :) x


    1. haha well now you know you simply MUST try it, it's the bees knees! :)


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