Clothing Haul! H&M, Primark, etc.

Howdy guys!
I haven't done a clothing haul in a longgg time, which is weird because i'm always buying clothes! I just never get round to taking pictures of them and featuring them here, i usually just wear them straight away and they get alcohol spilt all over them on my (ahem) classy nights out!
Onto the haul! I'll start with H&M, i would add the links but unfortunately they're now all out of stock as they're mostly sale picks! :)

I just got this basic jersey t-shirt in this stunning colour because they're always nice to have, just to throw on over leggings with a blazer for an easy, daytime outfit! This was £4.99.

I also got this gorgeous sequinned t-shirt, as you can see the light really catches it and it looks so much more expensive than it was! It's also the exact colour of the Barry M nail varnish Peach Melba! This is only sequinned on the front, the back is just plain, soft jersey. This was only £7.99, bargainoussss!

I don't own really any floral dresses so i thought it was about time i bought one! This is a cute, small floral print with capped sleeves and a elasticated waist, and it has a gold zip that goes about halfway down the back which toughens it up a little bit! Super cheap also, only £7.49!

And lastly from H&M this dove grey skater dress with little gold buttons at the waist, i liked this because it's really simple, i think it's a go-to dress and i'm obsessed with skater dresses as you all probably know by now! This was only £7.49!

Primi time!
This super pretty playsuit is from Primark, i was umming and aahing over whether to keep this playsuit because i'm not the biggest fan of them, i think they can make people look like they're wearing nappies! but i'm so glad i kept this, it's such thick, well made fabric, the little collar is super cute (although it now has a bit of fake tan around the collar, oops!!) and i just love it :) This was £16, pricey for Primark but still pretty cheap! 

I'm in love with this dress! i just bought this the other day, and they do it in black, but i opted for white because it'll make me look tanned, which makes me happy with all this grim weather we've been having in the UK :( 
It's a sheer lace top with a chiffony skirt, but it comes with a slip to protect your modesty! I'm so excited to wear this dress at the weekend when i go out, although i'm not excited about all the drinks people will probably spill all over it!! haha, it's got such a cute, flippy skirt, makes me want to skip around in a field of flowers like a hippy! This was £15, i may even pick it up in black too :)

Another skater dress! haha, i love this dress because it has a nude layer underneath the lace and it makes it look really interesting! I wore this dress out last weekend and i got quite a few compliments on it, people seemed very surprised it was Primark! This was a snip at £13.

You might not know this about me but i canNOT walk in heels, i can walk in sort of chelsea boot style heels, but platforms, no no! So i'm trying to build up a bigger collection of pretty flats, and i loved the colours of these pumps from Primark, at £6 each you can't really go wrong!

I bought this printed shirt dress from eBay, it's originally from H&M and i just loved the rabbit print! it's so different and cute, probably not everyones cup of tea but i think it's adorable on a stick! This was only £2.22, eBay bargains ftw!

Lastly, a dress my boyfriend bought for me as a surprise from a few weeks ago, i just love it! it's quite a statement dress and i loved wearing it, i wore it to my friends 21st in Leeds, which was a pretty messy night! I think this was around £30 but as it was a gift i can't be sure.

That's everything! *PHEW* that was a lot, if you got this far then well done, thanks for sticking with me :D 
Have a brilliant weekend kitty cats! Take care of yourselves on Friday the 13th!

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  1. You find all the best bargains! x

  2. Bargains, bargains, bargains! Love everything, I am a huge H&M fan!



    Em's Mixed Bag

  3. Oooh, you got some super cute things - I love the white dress. x

    1. I wore it at the weekend, it's so prettyyy <3


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