Katy Perry - Steal Her Style!*

*Popstar perfect life not included!

Hello there!
Now, if you're anything like me, and a lot of you seem to be, you'll love this lady!
She's kooky, cute and sexy all at the same time, but without being intimidating to other girls, she is who she is and i really admire that in people!
Seeing her at the LA premiere of her movie Part Of Me blew me away especially though, she looked proper old Hollywood glamour-esque.

Heeeeell-ooo pretty lady!
She looks amazing, for a premiere, for a popstar, but for a normal person (us) she looks a touch OTT! So i thought i'd do a little ''steal her style'' segment, but make it a bit more wearable for us mere mortals :)

Firstly the dress:
I love the flattering cut of this dress, it makes it look glamorous as well as complimenting every figure! 
Love the netted underskirt, and the big bow at the waist, it's like they've tied you up like a big birthday present!
This dress is £60, slightly pricey but nowhere near as much as Katy's cost i'm sure!, and it's from Topshop.

These pretty little courts are the perfect accompaniment to the dress, red heels worthy of Dorothy herself! Katy has pretty modest sized heels on so these are a perfect dupe, the only difference being that these aren't velvet, but they're a perfect colour match to the dress so we can forgive them! 
These are currently on sale at Kurt Geiger for £39!

 With such a eye catching dress and shoes all Katy needed was a few diamonds to bling up her outfit! 
Although these ones i've chosen are obviously not diamonds (in our dreams!) but it's pretty nonetheless! This pretty piece of arm candy is only £6.99 from New Look.

And lastly, what would this look be without some pillarbox red lips? (answer: nothing!), so i've turned to my favourite red lipstick, Volume Sensation in Cherry Pop from Collection!
This makes your teeth look so white people have even asked me if i have veneers when i'm wearing it! Except it's a heeeell of a lot cheaper than big Simon Cowell style gnashers! and at only £2.99 from Boots it's a steal :)

And there we have it! A wearable, Katy-esque style for us all! Now..where did i put my invite to the ball.....?

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  1. wow, she looks so 'old hollywood' - very glamorous! Beautiful girl, I love her! x

  2. I love Katy Perry and have always admired her style. Great picks for the look :)


  3. ohh I love her! That Topshop dress is gorgeous :) xxx



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