Product Rave - H&M Glitter Nail Varnishes!

Happy Sunday everyone!
I know it's Monday tomorrow but i've got some gorgeous glitter nail varnishes to brighten up your Sunday and make you forget about how grim it will be to go back to work/school :) 

These are from H&M, which is fast becoming one my of my favourite places to pick up amazing nail varnishes, hold onto your hats, because these are going to blow you sideways!

I didn't disappoint you did I?!
From left to right, these are: Jo Is In The House, Zoo and City.
Zoo and City come in a pack of two and Jo Is In The House (strange name no?!) was on it's own, they were both £2.99.
I found them all in one of those very tempting displays next to the till, i was just blown away by how pretty they were and definitely couldn't leave without them!
 From left to right: Zoo layered over City, 4 coats of Zoo, 4 coats of Jo Is In The House, 2 coats of City.
I'm really impressed with all of these nail varnishes! The glitters are so gorgeous, you can tell from the first photo above just how sparkly they are! Zoo has a definite holo effect to it and could be used on it's own, although it would take about 4 coats which wouldn't be a problem for me as it dries so quickly. Jo Is In The House is like a rainbow on the nail, so pretty! but it is more sparse and i think i would use it predominantly as a top coat. City is a beautiful creme polish which is opaque in only 2 coats, a must have colour for anyones collection :)

Will you be looking out for any of these polishes when you're next in H&M?
I'm in love with them! I can't wait to wear them :D
Hope you're all well! Happy Sunday! Now go and stuff your face before the weekend's over :)

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  1. Holy crap they look awesome!! Might have to make a sneaky trip to H&M tomorrow!

  2. i love jo is in the house, will have to see if they have it next time im in town! x

    1. It's sooo pretty, adds real wow factor to nails!!

  3. ohhh my god i love them! going to H&M tomorrow to hunt these down.x


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