Boyfriend OOTD : Because Boys Wear Nice Clothes Too!

I thought i'd do something a bit different today, i don't know whether i have any male readers, it seems doubtful!, but even if you're not a boy you might still be interested in seeing male clothes as ideas for boyfriends/fathers/brothers/male friends anyway :) 
My model for today is my boyfriend Jamie-Lee (yes, like the actress haha), the first look he's sporting is one he wore to a lovely meal we had on Friday for his birthday :) 

 Firstly, yes, that picture beside his head is of me as a child meeting a Chuckle Brother, because i'm cool like that.
Sorry for the crappy quality also, i was too drunk when i took these pictures to realise how shite the light was!
He is a massive H&M fanboy, so basically this whole outfit is from H&M! They do the best male clothes in both of our opinions, great quality and really cheap prices! They give a man a really European, stylish look i think!
The shirt was in the sale, but it's basically just a normal denim shirt, the chino's are here for £14.99, the shoes are here, also £14.99.

Then the next day we went to play keraaaazy golf (i got two holes in one, cos i'm skilled) and went to a museum and butterfly world!
Once again, all from H&M, even the Vans dupes! They were only £14.99 so i'd definitely recommend going there if any man in your life is looking for some cheaper versions of Vans, link's above :)
Sweatshirt is only £7.99 (here), a bargain for a piece you can wear so many different ways!, these trousers are sold out now but these ones are almost exactly the same for £19.99.

And there we go! Hope you enjoyed :)

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