PoundLand Haul : Including Stila!!

So we meet again!
I know i said i was on a spending ban in my last post...but i've been to PoundLand again, which i know isn't naughty of me, unless i bought 30 things, but seen as this isn't the last haul i'll be doing in the coming days you can see how successful my spending ban has been, oopsy!!
ANYHOO, i wandered into PoundLand the other day to get a cheap fix for my shopping addiction and a familiar cute, rustic brown packaging caught my eye..could it be? surely not?! it is!
Now anyone who knows beauty will know that Stila is not a cheap brand, so when i saw it in PoundLand i sprinted over to it so quickly i put Usain Bolt to shame! 
As well as the two products i got they also had a powder, but it wasn't in my shade :( but i will be popping back to see if they get it in!

I wasn't completely sold on this when i first saw it because i'm such a massive fan of Batiste and didn't think any dry shampoo could measure up.
You see where i'm going with this right? Yes, this DOES! It's quite unpredictable to use, it's a little nozzle with a hole in one side of it and you squeeze the body of the bottle and a poof (the technical term) of dry shampoo comes out! Don't squeeze too hard because you'll end up with hair like Cruella Deville! Although saying that, i did that once and all i had to do was give it a good rub into my scalp and it disappeared! It soaks up grease like no other without leaving any of the icky residue behind.
I googled this product to see what the original price was and, hold the phone, it retails at $28 on the Stila website, which is about £17.50!!
I think the reason this is in PoundLand over here though is because it's a American product, that's the only reason i can come up with anyway! 

I got this tinted moisturizer in the shade light, which as you can see on my hand is still a bit dark for my Edward Cullen skin, the fact that it's SPF30 is great, that's such a high SPF for a moisturizer! 
The packaging reminds me a bit of Liz Earle Sheer Skint Tints, i'm not a massive fan of the grey colour but hey ho, it's only packaging! 
I've used this a couple of times, but it was to work and my makeup usually wears off when i'm there anyway no matter what it is, so i'll reserve my opinion for when i've tried it more, if you'd like me to review it properly then leave a comment below :) 
I searched the internet for prices for this and on Amazon this is £23.81!! Which is maaadness! 

Lastly, these gorgeous glitters! They're lots of little pieces of glitter with larger hexagon shaped pieces of glitter mixed in.
They also have a multi-coloured version which is an amazing dupe for OPI Rainbow Connection, but as i own the original i didn't buy it!
I'm a absolute sucker for a glitter top coat, as i'm sure most of you know, so i just had to grab these when i saw them for £1 each! Because i have a legitimate nail varnish addiction, that leads onto my shopping addiction, someone get me professional help.

Hope you've all had a good weekend!! 

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  1. Love those glitter nail polishes! May have to pop into my local poundland tomorrow for a cheeky look for some Stila stuff now!

  2. They are gorgeous! And i know, STILA in a POUND SHOP, craziness!

  3. wow cannot believe the stila!

    http://elliebeaa.blogspot.com - check me out:) xxxx

    I just wanted to let you all know that after just watching a documentary about Poundland, we have found out that the Stila range at Poundland is either fake or old. Stila was not aware of their products being sold in Poundland and then, after looking into it, found out that the products being sold were more than 8 years old.
    Just thought it was important to let you all know!


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