Revlon Kissable Balm Stain Dupe - Revlon VS PoundLand!

Hiya guys and dolls! 
Today i'm bringing you a dupe of a dupe! What will they think of next?!
I'm a massive fan of the Revlon Kissable Balm Stains, they're moisturising, long lasting and come in a array of really cute colours, so when i walked into PoundLand and saw what i thought was them hanging up on the wall i sprinted over to have a closer look! 
Naturally, it wasn't them, but it was a product so incredibly similar looking that i just had to pick them up!

Obviously, the Revlon packaging is far superior, when you wind the bullets of the Chit Chat Juicy Lipsticks up they're a bit wobbly and it falls feels a bit plastic-y, but they're £1 so that's to be expected! Also you need to really push the lids of the Chit Chat ones on otherwise you'll end up with a smooshed lipstick at the bottom of your handbag! 

The Chit Chat Juicy Lipsticks have more product in them than the Revlon Kissable Balm Stains, but the Chit Chat product is softer meaning if you keep applying it onto your lips the heat from your mouth will melt it and make it a bit misshapen and the product won't last as long, so they're probably about the same if you factor that in too!
The smell of the Revlon lips balms is a pungent peppermint smell which i'm not a fan of, but the Chit Chat lipsticks smell just very faintly of a classic ''cheap lipstick'' smell, which i don't mind! You can only smell it when you really sniff with the product practically up your nose anyway!

 My Revlon Balm Stains are in Honey and Lovesick and the Chit Chat's are in Damson and Peony (from left to right in the above pictures).
Honey is a surprising shade for me, i really wanted it because i thought it would be a really natural pink, but actually it's quite dark on me! Whether it's cos my lips are quite pigmented or not i don't know but it definitely looks different, not bad different just...different!
Lovesick is a shade i've already done a review on, it's a gorgeous blue-ish pink.
Damson is a reddy-pink shade, looks more red in the bullet than it actually is.
Peony is a light bluey pink, not a shade i own many of but i really like it!

 From top to bottom - Honey, Lovesick, Damson and Peony.
The only thing i haven't spoken about so far is the formulas, obviously the Revlon Kissable Balm Stains are more moisturising and better for dryer lips like mine, they give a more glossy effect and the product doesn't stick to any dry patches on your lips.
That's not to say i don't like the formula of the Chit Chat Juicy Lipsticks, Damson is very different to Peony which i expected because, at least on me, light lipsticks always tend to highlight the dryness on my lips but i find a bit of gloss will sort this problem out anyway! and Damson is a lovely consistency, creamy and shiny, i'd definitely recommend that shade!
The Revlon lip balms retail at £7.99 and the Chit Chat lipsticks retail at, of course, £1!
My final verdict on these two products is that if you have decent lips, not too dry or chapped, then i'd bypass the Revlon lip balms and go straight for Chit Chat, the only problem you might encounter is that the shade range isn't as large, so far i've spotted three different ones VS the seven shades from Revlon.
If your lips are dry i'd steer clear of the lighter shades from Chit Chat and get those from Revlon instead, but as far as the darker shades go i'd opt for Chit Chat! 

Now all i need is a Clinique Chubby Stick (anyone else think that name sounds really rude?!) and my collection of dupes will be complete! 
Hope you enjoyed this long, rambling post! Keep your eyes peeled in PoundLand people, it's the future!
Have a cracking weekend!

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  1. what a good idea!
    apparently they have a dupe for high beam from benefit in that range at poundland!
    i've not ventured in yet but i plan to when i'm next in town.
    hope to speak soon
    laura xx

    1. Yeah i have that too and it's good, it's just the brush that comes with it that's pants haha i'll be doing a post on that soon too :) Thanks a lot!!

  2. I am slightly obsessed with poundland at the moment! I am definitly going to grab some of these! Great post lovely!



    Em's Mixed Bag

    1. I got a couple more colours at the weekend, gorgeous <3

  3. love the dupes! I actually want to try those revlon lip crayons!

    xoxo Thania

    1. They're brilliant, i'd deffo recommend them :)

  4. Wow, they all look amazing!

    I have a giveaway right now, join if you want to! :)

  5. oh this is such a great idea and so helpful! xxx

  6. I have to look out for these ! Who knew pound land had something decent

    1. i know! i feel bad for neglecting it all these years haha

  7. I definitely need to pick up honey and peony - they both look gorgeous on you x


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