W7 Sprinkles Nail Polish - Nails Inc Dupe!

Hello again!
Now, we all love a beauty fad don't we? But so many times these beauty fads also have extortionate price tags! Which is where dupes come in handy.
The latest nail fad is ''Sprinkles'' or ''Indie'' nails, it started out on Etsy and they do some amazing ones, but quite a lot of time they're sold out which is mega disappointing! Then Nails Inc cottoned onto the new trend and brought out their Sprinkles range, but for £11 each they're hardly pocket friendly! Here's a picture of the Nails Inc range:

All very pretty,but far too expensive for me to entertain buying them! 
W7 to my rescue!
I discovered these exact dupes on Amazon, for only £1.95 and free shipping! Hold tight for swatches...
 The blue is called Mosaic and the off white is Lava Flow, you can also get one that has a white base with black matte glitter suspended in it called Salt'n'Pepper but i preferred these two.
As you can see they come in monster 15ml bottles! Which already trumps Nails Inc as their bottles are 10ml.

 Packed full of matte and shiny glitter, just dreamy!!

 These swatches are 3 coats, which i think is great to get full coverage on a glitter polish, usually i'm working on it for 5 or 6 coats!
Lava Flow is a off white/almost light grey base with matte black glitter and shimmery red glitter suspended in it, just beautiful! in the bottle i didn't know whether i'd be keen on it but i have it on my nails now and i'm loving it!
Mosaic is a bright blue base with shimmery purple and gold glitter suspended in it, also completely gorgeous and when i had it on i couldn't stop looking at my nails! 

This is what my nails look like currently, they remind me of those little round, white chocolate sweets i used to eat in pic'n'mixes with sprinkles on them, i think they were called Jazzles! 
The wear on these nail polishes is really good, i used my fail safe Sally Hansen Insta-Dri topcoat over them and Mosaic lasted me 3 days without any chips, i had to take it off when i went back to work though so couldn't test it for any longer, and i've had Lava Flow on for 24 hours now and so far so good! 
These dry a semi-matte finish which isn't too bad but i love a glossy nail so i wouldn't forget a decent topcoat! 
For only £1.99 these are a brilliant way to jump on this particular bandwagon as it's passing! 
As i said before these are £1.95 from Amazon with free shipping! Click here for a link to buy Lava Flow and here for Mosaic.

What's your favourite dupe?
Thanks for reading! 

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  1. Ooooo Lava Flow is amazing! My local market sell W7 for £1.50 a bottle, may have to have a little look out for some of these!



    Em's Mixed Bag

  2. I discovered W7 polishes in my local TK Maxx last christmas and I love my glitter set! They only take two coats for maximum coverage too, which is amazing! I love love LOVE Mosaic though so I think I will be having a cheeky look on amazon come pay day! Thanks for putting me on to these with this fab review :) (Also I have a little issue with paying £11 for a 10ml nal polish too...ridiculous!)

  3. I've never tried the w7 nail polishes but these look like a great dupe for the nails inc ones, I love my nails inc sprinkles :) they're so pretty x


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