Review - eBay 99p Blush Palette!

Good morrow my loveys!!
I thought i would share with you a immense bargain i picked up from eBay last month, a 10 blush palette for only 99p!
Yes, you're gobsmacked aren't you?! I know i was!

This is what the case looks like when it's closed, simple black case reminiscent of a MAC palette, an absolute bugger for picking up dusty fingerprints!! But easy to open and i can't really complain about anything seen as it was 99p! It has no mirror in the lid but i personally never use the mirrors in these palettes anyway, but i know a lot of people do.

These pictures really show the true colours in this palette, so gorgeous and such a selection of shades! Some of them are more highlight-ish colours for me but all of them will definitely get some use at some point.
All of the shades have shimmer in them but some are much more glittery than others.
Top row.
 No flash.
Bottom row.
No flash. 
The colours are SO well pigmented! i was very surprised as i didn't hold out much hope seen as it was only 99p but wow, it's a goodie!!
All of these swatches are just one swipe of the colour on my finger so you can see how much product you pick up! 
They can be a little bit powdery but for me that's not a problem.

 I'm wearing the third colour along from the left on the top row in the above pictures, a very subtle flush of colour!

 And this is the dark pink that is fourth from the left on the bottom, love this one!! Great for a much more intense look on a night out :)
This blush palette is 99p, as i mentioned before, along with £2.63 p&p, and it does have to come from China so mine took about 3 weeks to come to the UK, but i don't mind waiting that long for something this good and cheap! 
Buy it from this eBay seller, who i've already purchased another palette off! 120 warm coloured eyeshadows are winging their way to me, WHOOPS!
I'd definitely recommend you buy this palette STAT, you can never have too many cheek products after all! 

Do you have any eBay bargains you think i'd like? I'm pretty much an addict!!

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  1. this is amazing! so jealous!


  2. Wow, so cool! What a bargain! :)

  3. Was hooked by these blushes right up until you mentioned that they came from China - I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure all their makeup has to be tested on animals x

  4. Looks good hun cnt wait for mine now thank u for recommending x

  5. This palette is full, cool makeup.

  6. I have this palette and I think it's a great palette to have.
    Thanks for visiting my blog hun.
    Now following you.

  7. Wow, what a (pigmented) bargain! I especially love that last picture, the blush looks so vibrant and even a bit glittery, and you look gorgeous!


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