TAG: My Makeup History!

My Pinterest fetish is coming out with this picture, i've been browsing through the quotes for ages looking for a appropriate one for this tag, and i think this is it!
It's so addictive isn't it?! If you have Pinterest then by all means follow me, my link is on the right hand sidebar at the top :)
Anyway! I love a habit of babbling don't i?!
This is a tag i just saw on the gorgeous Char's blog  (which is brilliant, definitely worth a follow!) and thought it looked so fun i'd do it myself!
On with the tag!

1. How long have you been wearing make up? 
Since i was about 12! So 8 years, wow i'm a veteran!!

2. What was your favourite make up product in the beginning?
Probably a blue liquid eyeliner from Barry M and a green eyeshadow from 17! I was a stickler for colour, which isn't like the Miss Neutral that i am now!

3. What is your favourite make up product now?

I couldn't live without foundation but i mix and match so many that i couldn't pick one favourite at the moment really..a failsafe product i've been using for a while now is MaxFactor False Lash Fusion mascara, it's the only mascara that lengthens and adds volume to my pathetic lashes!! And also my eyebrow pencil, i use a 17 one at the moment, but brows in general are a can't-live-without thing for me!

4. What were some of your favourite brands in the beginning?

All the cheapy brands, nothing's changed!! haha, Collection 2000, Barry M and Miss Sporty were some faves!
If MUA had been around i would have been all over that too haha!

5. What are some of your favourite brands now?

Revlon, Sleek, Maxfactor & MUA, slightly more high end than it used to be haha.

6. How would you describe your make up 'style'?

I quite like taking risks with colours on my lips, but on my eyes i'm very neutral with browns and champagnes! And for nights out all bets are off, strong eyes and strong lips, i go all out! I'd say ''eclectic and bold'' maybe :)

7. What is your everyday make up like? 

Exactly like this, just a couple of coats of mascara, quite heavy blush, a nice even base and a glossy colour on the lips :) plus, of course, my brows filled in! Can't leave the house without them  haha!

8. What is your 'going out' make up like?

This is a definite favourite look for me, as i said, pretty strong, false eyelashes, bold lip, oodles of bronzer and strong brows!

9. What make up look are you known for?

I'm pretty well known for wearing bright lipsticks, i have quite the *ahem* extensive collection ;)

10. What is the worst beauty crime you've committed?
Probably having strong eyes and strong lips at the same time, or being too tanned (which to me, isn't possible! haha), but i love both of these looks so send me to beauty jail, cos i'm not kicking the habit!!

11. What is the worst beauty crime you're proud to have not committed?

Ooooh i've probably committed them all to be fair!! haha i don't bite my nails though, never have, so i'm pretty proud of that i guess!

12. What is a trend you were part of but now aren't a fan of?

All the bright colours on my eyes, them were the days, now i'm not at all daring with my eye colours!! New years resolution for me maybe?? Also i used to have super thin eyebrows, now look at them!! haha.

13. What is one trend you are proud to say you were never part of?
Not sure! I'm quite the sucker for trends, if i haven't taken part in it it's probably just because i couldn't afford it! haha.

14. What is one look you will never ever go for? 

Concealer lips, i HATE that look, why would you want lips like a cadaver?!? No offence if you love it haha but i just can't understand the appeal! 

15. If you were brave enough to wear any look, what would you go for?

I was browsing through my fave blogs the other day and i stumbled across this GORGEOUS eye look on the wonderful Simera's blog, Beauty Makeup Addict's, she is SO talented to be able to do this!! I wish i had the skills cos i would totally wear it all the time! Come do my makeup for me please Simera?!? haha.

16. An old Holy Grail product of yours?

I can't think of any holy grail products i used to have, maybe my Dream Matte Mousse concealer, which i still use haha.

17. A new Holy Grail product of yours?
My eyebrow pencil, there's a theme here!! haha.

Thanks very much for reading, i tag you ALL! But there's only one condition...you must post your link below so that i can read all your lovely tags, this is your mission should you choose to accept it ;) 
Here's another Pinterest goodie to finish off my post, TOODLES :)

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  1. Cute tag! I should really start getting into eyebrows more haha!


    1. Oh definitely, i reckon ALL girls look amazing with pronounced eyebrows, and not many things suit all girls! haha

  2. i'm very neutral too when it comes to my make up :) i love your looks!

    check out my blog!



    1. Thank you! I wish i was a lot braver haha but neutrals are so easy!!

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  4. I love this tag and your looks! Can i have you hair and eyes please? haha, love your blog. xx

    1. Hahaha oh you're so sweet!! but believe me, you don't need to wish for anyone elses looks, you're gorgeous just as you are! :)

  5. I love the 'if all else fails take a nap' picture - I think that's very me. Great post, love your everyday makeup.


    1. haha it's very me too, in fact it's almost 4pm, a nap is probably on the cards soon ;) haha thank you :)

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  7. I love how natural your everyday makeup looks!

    x Ellie

    1. Haha it looks natural but believe me i'm caked in makeup ;)

  8. i do fill my brows too... i might not do as strong and bold as yours but hey i am already thinking of doing it next time ^.^
    and whats on your lips??? In first pic lips look 'wow'

    1. I'm perhaps too heavy on my brows but glad you like them cos i do too!! :)
      thank you!! I think it's either a Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti-Frutti or 17 lipstick in Beehive :)

  9. Nice post!
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  10. Nice post, I couldn't live without foundation either! x

    1. I wish i was one of those ''natural beauties'' i hear people talk about but i'm not haha foundation all the way ;)

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  12. Love love love your going out makeup :)
    Such a great tag!
    Lots of love :)


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