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Howdy partners!
Now, if you've read my blog before you might know that i've been doing up my bedroom recently! I've mentioned it in a few hauls and stuff, and it is finally done! I've basically changed everything, it is a girly haven!
So i thought i'd show you everything i've done to it, because i like to bore you guys with every tedious detail of my life ;)

 This is my window sill, and probably my favourite part of my room! I love my candles, and having them along the window sill is such a pretty way to display them i think.
I keep my tealights and Yankee Candle tarts/samplers in these two big jars, they remind me of old style sweet shops! They are from IKEA, and are only £2 each! 

 I put this bed together myself, how impressed are you?! 
The duvet set is from Primark, and it was only £9 because i have a single bed, plus i bought the pink undersheet from Primark too which was only £4.50, and they're both nice and comfy and soft, not cheap feeling at all!
This throw is a new purchase, it's so cosy! I needed something like this to snuggle up with now the Winter months are closing in, it was £7.95 from eBay.
Also say hi to my teddy bears, from left to right it's Graham, Richard and Alex Reid/Roxanne (don't ask), it's not sad having teddy bears at 21...right?!

 Under my bed i have these massive wheeley drawers that i also built from flat pack (call me Bob the builder) and they're from Argos and they're on casters and are so handy for storing stuff like my wires and my electrical equipment, keeps it from cluttering up the floor! you get two of them for £21.99, the other one just has miscellaneous things in it like my Halloween costume.

Here's my ever so slightly chocca-block shelves! 
Top shelf you can't see, but that just has a few more teddies on it (don't judge me) and 3 lovely pictures of me with my boyfriend and my two best friends :)
Then there's books, yes, that is Gary Barlow's autobiography.
DVD's next, all in genre order, cos i'm mental.
Then nail varnishes, they need no introduction!
Hair/bath/shower products on the next one and then right at the bottom we have hair styling stuff, tanning mousses and lotions and face moisturisers/cleansers/toners etc.

This is where i put my makeup on, in front of my huge full length mirror, so i just keep all my eyeshadows in this basket, the palettes are on the left side and in the silver vanity case is all my single eyeshadows, which there is a LOT of haha.

 Here is my insanely packed chest of drawers! 
There isn't a inch of available space on this thing haha, i'm looking for a storage drawer to keep my jewellery in just so it's not so crowded, so if you have any recommendations please leave them in the comments :)

This is where i keep my foundations in a clear vanity case, my brushes are in a plantpot i bought from IKEA for £2 and my little Bagpuss where i keep eyeliners and mascaras mainly :)

And a little soppy part of my room finally, me and my boyfriend bought these two postcards with our name definitions on them from a place called Preston Park (which has a butterfly world and meerkats, lush!) so i thought instead of just sticking them in a drawer somewhere i'd frame them with a picture of us in the middle! Cos i'm a big softy at heart ;)

I hope you enjoyed this!! I love seeing other peoples room/houses so i thought i'd just fill you in on how mine's developed :) 
Thanks for reading!

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  1. your room looks so nice! good work :) xx

  2. Wow, thx for bringing us into ur bedroom! Looks decent

  3. great posts :) its interesting how everyone's way of storing, decorating things differ so much xx


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