MAC Lipstick - Giveaway WINNER!

Hi there!!
As most of you probably know, i've been holding a MAC lipstick giveaway to celebrate hitting 300 followers for the past couple of months, i've now hit almost 500 so expect another giveaway V.V soon!!!, and i'm delighted to say i've picked a winner! Well...Rafflecopter did..but i like to take the credit ;)
And the winner isss....*drumroll*

Christina M!!! 
I've already emailed Christina, if she doesn't get back to me within a week though i'll probably have to pick another winner, but here's hoping she does!!
A massive thank you to everyone who entered!! I was overwhelmed by the amount of entries and i really appreciate each and every one of you who tweeted, followed and blogged :D
I will be doing another giveaway before long, i really enjoyed holding it :) 
Sorry I was a bit delayed in announcing the winner, it has been my birthday weekend! i was 21, i'm going to do a post about it with a few pictures, and a haul of my presents, if any of you are interested haha! 

Thank you my lovely curly wurlies!! 

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