MAC Viva Glam Nicki Lipstick - Review!

Hello fellow MAC minxes!
Today, as you can see in the title, i'll be doing a review of MAC's Viva Glam Nicki lipstick, named after the ever bootylicious Nicki Minaj! 
My boyfriend bought me this lipstick when we were in Newcastle, we bought mine from Fenwicks but if you want to buy it online then i'd go to Debenhams, there's currently a discount code (SH94) that gives you free delivery so it saves you hunting it down in the shops!
Now to the lipstick!

 I really like the packaging, it's the normal tampon shaped lipstick that is eponymous with MAC except it has pink accents, and Nicki's signature in pink across the box, it's nice that they make it different, i hate it when things are limited/special edition but they have the exact same packaging.

 Once again, her signature is emblazoned across the bullet, love the hot pink metallic hardware!
As you can see this is a perfect barbie pink, you can totally imagine Nicki wearing this herself, barbie pink lips are a bit of a staple of hers!

And this is what it looks like on the lips!
I love it, it's a satin formula so it's a bit more drying than the other cremesheen lipsticks i have from MAC, but i have quite dry lips and this lipstick fairs pretty well on me, it's still quite moisturising, but it just needs touching up more than my other MAC lipsticks so it doesn't start to crack on my lips.
It has the usual gorgeous vanilla scent that MAC lipsticks have.
Overall, i really love this lipstick, it's a gorgeous, unusual colour, i only like to buy unusual colours from MAC because obviously they're £14 a lipstick so if it's a pretty samey colour i'd just find a drugstore dupe of it, but this is definitely worth the money! Plus, all profits from this lipstick go to the MAC Aids/HIV fund, which is a massive thumbs up, beauty without the guilt!

What's your favourite MAC lipstick? Let me know!
Thanks for reading!

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  1. It looks great on you :) I like buying beauty products that give to charity cos it makes me feel less guilty about buying more makeup when I don't need it haha! x

    1. Haha i'm totally the same! not that we're addicts or anything ;)

  2. I have this and I find that this lipstick looks off on me, but I like it on you 10xs better. I do agree that this is extremely drying.

    1. It's pretty drying yeah, i find a nice lipgloss over the top solves that tho :)


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