OOTD's - My Birthday Edition!

Hello honeys!
I've been a bit crap for posts lately, I was going to do a birthday haul but then i opened and started using all my presents straight away haha but i'm just going to do a round up of all the outfits i wore during my 21st birthday ''period''!

Me and my boyfriend went to IKEA again! Haha, we're obsessed with that place, it's official!!
I bought a cactus that i've named Flubber :)
I've dug out my trusty shearling coat now the winter has hit/is hitting! It's so snug and warm, i love it.
I paired it with this simple black jumper from ASOS, but it has a sheer material where the chest and shoulders are making it a bit more interesting than just a plain jumper, and these crazy leopard print trews from Motel! I love these, even though i know they're not everyones cup of tea haha! I wore simple black slipper flats from Primark and the tan Zara dupe bag, also from Primark :)
These are my nails from that day too, i adored this neon green! It's from a set of four from Primark, and it's just the brightest, zestiest green in the world!!

Then my boyfriend treated me to a couple of days in York, our favourite place to go together! Here's what i wore for the first day when we were shopping and whatnot;
A super-cosy outfit!!
This snood is one of my Autumn/Winter must haves, it's so snug! My boyfriend bought me it, but i think it was from Primark, and it's burgundy which, if you read my ''I <3 Fall Tag'' you'll know, is my favourite Autumn colour!
My maxi dress is from Matalan, i love the pattern on it, unusual but still really easy to wear :)
Leather jacket is my old faithful from H&M, and my bag is the Alexander Wang dupe from eBay, but in brown, my mam bought me this for my birthday :) I wore white plims with this outfit too, but Instagram makes you crop photos when you put them through the filters so you can't see them anymore, boo :(

Then later on it got a bit chillier so when we went out for some dinner i put on a jumper;
Which is from Primark, i can see a trend emerging here....

This is my makeup, quite natural and easy to transition from day to night, i'm wearing MAC's Creme Cup on my lips and i adore it! I got it for my birthday from my parents, thanks mater and pater!!

Then the next day we went for lunch and then headed home and this is what i wore;
Jumper, jacket and plims as before, but the leggings are a new find for me, they're £7.99 from H&M and they're SUPER thick! i really like them, they're almost trousers instead of leggings! The only thing is that they're really long so they bunch up at my ankle a bit, but i personally don't mind that much! If you're tall these would be a great find for you also!

My nails for the whole weekend were these amazing Impress press on nails! I was sceptical about these but they lasted 4 days on me before i had to take them off for work, they would have lasted way longer i think! I love them so much i've bought some blood red coloured ones to wear on Halloween! These are £7.99 from Boots, Superdrug or Semichem!

And that's that!! Hope this wasn't too boring :) Just getting back into the swing of blogging after having a little break for my birthday celebrations! Hope you've all had lovely weeks so far :)

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  1. I love the neon green and leopard print nails as well as your jacket! You looked stunning!

    1. Thank you!! I was a big fan of these nails too, hope i've got enough Impress nails left to wear them again :)

  2. the leopard print nails are amazing! Their a tad expensive here and I thought they wouldn't last so I never got around to buying them. May just give them a try after reading your post :)

    1. Yeah they're about £7.99 in the UK, but i think worth it for a special occasion because they really do last and look great!

  3. Love the leopard print nails!

    Jess x x

  4. You have such fab taste Angie, love all of your outfits! I am a HUGE fan of impress nails, I took some on holiday with me and they lasted 5 days!



    Em's Mixed Bag

    1. Aww thanks Em!! You're a babe :) So am i, i'm an absolute convert!! Bought some more for Halloween, very exciting!!

  5. The nails and the chunky ring stand out the most, although the clothes are all very nice too. Especially the leopard print trews! Have you thought about watches as an accessory? They can be a really nice addition to your outfit and can match with other parts of it. You can shop around online for good brands and prices, for example you can find some nice ladies watches here or by googling a bit.

    1. Yeah I have my eye on the Michael kors one actually, thanks for your lovely comment :) xxx


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