TAG! - Why Do You Wear Makeup?

Check out this amazing makeup, what i wouldn't give to have glow in the dark makeup!
I've seen this tag floating around so i thought i'd do it myself! I always like reading tags because it helps you get to know bloggers better :)

1 - When did you begin loving make-up?
I was probably about 12-13, but when i say i loved makeup i mean i loved blue eyeliner and copious amounts of glitter on my face, the style of makeup i wear now, which is hopefully better, is a pretty recent thing haha! 

2 - How do you feel without make-up? 
I feel ok, i don't think i'd go into town shopping or anything without makeup, only because i usually see a ton of people i know whenever i do which is just always the way isn't it! 
But i don't mind my boyfriend or my friends seeing me without makeup, i have decent skin, a few freckles and dark circles under my eyes, but who's perfect?! (Apart from Blake Lively, she can do one).

3 - What do you like about make-up? 
I like how it can diversify your look, i love messing about with eye makeup especially, i can spend aaages doing my makeup! It gives me more confidence most definitely, as i said before, i'm not overly bothered about being seen without makeup and i don't have any major hang ups about my skin anymore (i used to have a big thing about my under eye circles, but i seem to have grown less and less bothered about them as i've got older! Confidence is a funny thing) but obviously i feel tons better when i'm wearing makeup and i feel confident about the way i've applied it and how i look.

4 - Three holy grail items?
Number one will have to be Vaseline, i use it constantly, i always have a pot with me because a massive pet peeve of mine is dry lips, it's just my least favourite feeling ever! Plus it has to be the original Vaseline, i can't do the creme brulee or rosy lips version, anything like that, i'm really picky when it comes to lip balms!
Number two is MaxFactor False Lash Fusion mascara, it is the only mascara that makes my pathetically small lashes look nice and full, it's definitely a holy grail product for me!
Number three will have to be a eyebrow pencil! I have no specific favourite, just a nice colour match to make my brows look utterly scouse-ful! Eyebrows are really important to my makeup look, i couldn't manage without one anymore, i look really odd without because i have such blonde eyebrows naturally!

And that's that!! A nice short tag, i hope you enjoy this and feel free to do this tag, i tag you all :D
Hope you've had a lovely weekend!

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  1. I dont mind going out without makeup :) I only wear it because like u, i think its fun to apply eye makeup lol :D x

    1. Yeah, obviously it depends whether my skin is hideous or not, but for the most part i don't mind going out bare faced either! haha

  2. Aww yay you done this tag! :D
    I love wearing make-up too makes me feel all glamourous but i still like giving my face a rest without wearing make-up :)


    1. Yeah i definitely love wearing makeup, makes me feel more special!


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