X Factor Frock Wars! Nicole VS Tulisa - Week Three.

Hello there chickens! 
Firstly, i apologise for my absence lately! I've just been quite busy and also playing around on my new toy, my Ipad! My boyfriend bought it for me for my birthday so that's been monopolizing any free time i've had lately haha.
Time for my weekly X Factor post! 
I watched it with my boyfriend this weekend, which he was V chuffed about, nawwwt! (He's more of a Strictly fan...).
I didn't enjoy many of the performances if i'm honest, James Arthur was brilliant and inspired though, to be honest i can't remember many of the other performances, a good sign i think you'll agree!

Oh Tulisa, it started so well last week, and now....this.
She's dressed like a 60 year old, embarrassing cougar. 
The hair and makeup are lovely, even if the hair is slightly too plastic looking for my liking, but still a really pretty look, but that's about where the good points stop for me i'm afraid!
The top if far too tight, and far too revealing, making it really unflattering on her cleavage, and the skirt looks like it's made of that cheap Primark fabric that attracts hair like a magnet!
The shoes are ok, but the metallic strap completely cheapens them.
And to top it all off, her head is a different colour to her body, why does anyone let her walk out there looking like this?! My friends would physically restrain me.

And on the other hand....
Look at her?! Is it just me, or would anyone else look completely ridonkulous in this dress?
She got a lot of stick for her hairstyle, but i personally thought the high ponytail/plait was a really fun, cool hairstyle! and really suits that gorgeous lip colour, keeps it uncomplicated.
The jewellery is perfect for this look, the earrings are a bit gaudy but they still work on her!
But mostly it's all about that gorgeous Alexander McQueen dress, the detail on it is incredible, such a super-cute, flirty look which is a change from all the full-on glamourpuss looks she's been rocking the past couple of weeks.
The Kurt Geiger shoes are the perfect balance to such a dramatic dress, A+ Miss Scherzinger!!

Verdict - I think we all can guess who i think won this round, Scherzy really surpassed herself, and Tulisa let herself down.

On Sunday I watched the results round my friends house, we ate M&S pizza and slated all the contestants, like most Brits on a weekend! On another note, how awful are those group songs they do?! just cringecringecringe.

This outfit annoyed me a bit to be honest, because once again she's started off with a decent outfit but then completely pied it in the face with accessories!!
Makeup, completely gorgeous, loved it, hair....a bit like a beauty pageant contestant but not in a necessarily bad way.
How PRETTY is that dress?! Super sparkly, very festive, a complete party piece.
And then came the belt.
Her style icon must be Hulk Hogan? because i can't find any other reason for her to be wearing the WWE inspired monstrosity.
Those shoes are far too fussy for this outfit too, she needs something girly and feminine, and to burn that belt, burn it in hellfire.

I'm very confused by this dress.
Her makeup is lovely and smokey, classic Scherzinger makeup, and the hair was complete diva hair, i loved it!
But WHAT is this dress made of?! I can't work out the fabric at all, plastic?
It is a cross between the Cybermen from Dr Who and fish scales.
Yes, she's hot and can pull almost anything off, but this dress as a piece is hideous, and look like it could seriously hurt somebody who hugged Nicole.
Boring shoes, nuff' said.

Verdict - Well isn't this a pickle...they're both almost as bad as each other...but as i like the dress without the belt, i'm going to have to go with Tulisa, but somebody PLEASE, for the love of god, bin all of her accessories!! 
So not the best weekend for both of them, even though i've given them one each i'd give the weekend overall to Nicole, just because i loved her first outfit so much!

What was your verdict on the weekends X Factor shenanigans?
Let me know!!

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    Tulisa looked amazing! And coming from someone who thinks she's a right chav, this is high praise indeed. My favourite colour is green though, so I might be a bit biased ;)


    1. hahaha this made me laugh! goes to show, everyones opinion is different!


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