X Factor Frock Wars! Nicole VS Tulisa - Week Four.

Happy Tuesday girls! 
Hope we all had a suitably spooky Halloween weekend! 
I didn't actually watch X Factor on Saturday because i was at my best friends Halloween party getting covered in fake blood and injecting people with my fake syringe pen, but i hear it was a pretty lacklustre show! 
All apart from Gary Barlows *cough*staged*cough* comments to Tulisa about her ''fag ash breath'', oh you naughty boy Mr Barlow, but i still love you.

What in the F is going on here?!?!?
Yes, it's Halloween, but couldn't she have dressed up as a cat or something? Why dress up as a cobweb?!
Let's start with that....hair? 
Clearly it's some sort of wig but why does it look so dull? What happened to the shine, just because it's crimped doesn't mean it has to be so lacklustre and matte, and as for that headband thing, it makes her look like her dad was a Klingon.
The bodysuit she's wearing is unflattering, makes her look like she has no waist at all, and it looks ever so uncomfortable, like it would itch!
On the upside..err....nice shoes.

Well look what the cat dragged in...a beautiful outfit for Tulisa for a change!
Her hair looks gorgeous, true old Hollywood glamour, love the subtle vampire fangs too!
Her skin looks a much more natural, pale colour this week which i'm loving.
That dress is completely beautiful too! Fits her like a glove, a sexy, satin glove!
Keeping it simple is definitely the way to go for Tulisa, she looks stunning when she dresses like this, top marks to the female boss!

Now on Sunday i was slightly hungover, so of course i watched X Factor curled up on the couch in my pjs, I enjoyed Robbie Williams' performance even though i'm not a massive fan of him usually, but he is certainly more likeable these days!

Her hair and makeup are very simple, nice and everything, but hardly the fashion forward looks we've been seeing from her for the past few weeks.
Her boobs look like they've been stuck on her chest, i hate that look, it looks so cheap and obvious, Nicole, you're better than that.
The dress is really random, the skirt looks cheap, maybe because it's different to the top half, i think if it was printed all over it'd have looked better, i usually like the mullet hem look but this is a bit too voluminous, makes her look like she should be dancing than Can-Can! 
It's also very bulky around the waist which makes her look thicker than she is, i'm not a fan at all.
The shoes are ok, they look like they're digging into her a bit though, oh my Nicole, stylist on holiday this weekend?

Are my eyes deceiving me or does Tulisa look gorgeous AGAIN?!
Her hair looked a lot better from other angles than it does in this picture, it was, again, very old school glamour and refined, i hope this is a new trend that Tulisa is embracing! 
The dress has beautiful detailing around the neckline, really gorgeous, the material looks a tiny bit on the cheap side but i'll let her off because it's such a cute little number, i love the length on her too, especially with those shoes, just perfect!

Verdict - Well i think we can all tell that i think Tulisa has won this weekend completely! I think Nicole is trying to hard to be different in the way that she dresses that she's picking things that don't really suit her, whereas Tulisa seems to have got the memo that less is more, less wrestler belts and more 50's influences, good girl Tulisa! 

Do you agree with my verdict? Let me know! 

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  1. loving tulisa's looks

    check out my beauty giveaway @

  2. I wish it was as popular here as it is over there. We have a show called the Voice that beats it in ratings! just found your blog and following :)

    1. Yeah i love the US Voice, our Voice in the UK is a bit pants haha


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