X Factor Frock Wars! Tulisa VS Nicole - Week One.

All's fair in love and frocks!!
Well actually, it isn't, frocks are much more important ;)
As everyone will probably know by now, X Factor live shows are back on our screens! Now, i'm not a big fan of the actual show anymore, too contrived and set up, let's face it we all know what's going to happen before it happens, tears, sob stories and tantrums! 
But what i still enjoy is seeing what the female (and one of the male, here's looking at you Gary, ding dongggg) judges are wearing! Yes, it was a lot better when it was Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue having a frock off but beggars can't be choosers, Nicole Scherzinger and Tulisa will have to do! 

First there was the (really over long) Saturday episode, I saw quite a bit of it, everyone was a bit lacklustre, predictable song choices and terrible styling as usual! 

I can't seem to find out where this dress is actually from, but let's face it, none of us really care, because it's hideous.
We'll start at the top, her hair is nice, thank GOD it's black again, that blonde was awful. 
She suits it in this style because usually her hair is overly massive and fake looking, her makeup is nice, the soft smokey eye and the nude lips are always a winner! And the necklace is pretty nice, just not with this outfit, she always over accessorizes. 
Now...the bad news...her tan looks hideously patchy, look at her little white feet, you'd think with all of her money she could pay for a professional spray tan?
The dress is like something a really sadistic bride would put her poor bridesmaids in to ensure they look worse than her on her big day.
The shoes are tacky with a capital T too, also, WTF are those things on her ring fingers?! talons? 
So all in all, a massive #FAIL.

On the other hand, Nicole looks pretty good!
Her hair is also slicked back, but in a ponytail instead of a bun, i prefer this look i've got to say, it's less ''middle-aged''.
Her makeup is always lovely, and she always looks so golden and tanned, i might be a little bit jealous.
The dress (by designer IZMAYLOVA) is definitely on the cheap side, i would have chosen something a bit more glamorous for the first live show if i was her but obviously she would look foxy in a bin bag, which is handy, because that's what this dress resembles. 
Those shoe boots (by Giuseppe Zanotti) make even her legs look a bit chunky, it's always a bit of a no-no in my mind to wear shoe boots that come too far up on the ankle unless you have positively stick thin pins, makes you look like a shot-putter.

Verdict - They both didn't do spectacularly well, but only one of them did spectacularly badly, and that was Tulisa, so i crown Nicole the winner of Saturday's frock off! 

Now onto the dramatic results show! I knew Carolynne would go as soon as Gary picked her, she's decent and everything but she's a bit of a non-entity, plus country music is hardly popular in this country (although i'm a massive fan of it!), but i think we all know that that whole controversy was a big old fix to get us talking about the X Factor! Still, Gary Barlow sure looks hot when he's angry huh?!.

Oh Tulisa, who is your stylist? Is it my 3 year old niece?
Once again, i can't seem to find any source that's bothered to find out where Tulisa has got her clothes from.
Her hair is far too styled, makes her look years older, the lipstick doesn't really go with the eye makeup but it's not terrible, although i'm not really one for matching my outfits with my lipstick.
Those earrings are unnecessary, they don't match and they look like they've just been shoved on at the last minute.
At least her tan looks a little bit better, she's clearly washed off the streaks.
The dress looks like it's made out of a really strange, thick wool material! Really odd, I'm not a massive fan of candy pink, i don't think many people suit it! The bodice part of the dress is actually a nice fit and doesn't look too bad, if the skirt was all black it might have looked half-decent! But as it is, it's a no from me.
Those shoe boots are nice, but they don't match the outfit, i'd have gone for a more feminine shoe.

Finally! An outfit i actually like, thanks Nicole, you're a pal.
Her hair looks so soft and silky, i just want to touch it, is that weird?
The makeup is lovely, she seems to be channeling a plum lip a-la Cheryl Cole, i think i prefer it on Nicole to be honest! Suits her skin tone better.
The Kristian Aadnevik dress is really pretty, looks like she's been wrapped in gold thread, like a really glamorous Egyptian mummy.
I like how minimal she keeps her jewellery, classy.
The simple Nicholas Kirkwood shoes are nice and simple, i think a peep toe would have looked better though.

Verdict - I think you've probably all guessed by now, Nicole wins again! A shocker of a weekend for Tulisa sartorially, but all of her acts got through safely to next week so that's the most important thing i suppose! 

Who do you think won the style-off?
Let me know in the comments!

Same time next week for one of these posts! 
Beauty Belle OUT.

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  1. personally i didnt like any of the outfits BUT i do love nicoles hair, its so long and nice and stuff :) x

    1. Yeah, i wonder how much of it is hers? ;) haha

  2. i love the pink and gold dresses! new follower :)

  3. i love nicole's last outfit better than the rest of them tbh! and i love nicole's hair reminds me a bit of pochahontas' hair :)


    1. Definitely, same here! haha she is a perfect fit if they ever make a live action movie of Pocahontas!

  4. Angie I LOVED this post, you must do them every week, it made me LOL!!! Love Nicole's last look....HOT! Tulisa should (unfortunatly) sack your neice haha!



    Em's Mixed Bag

    1. Haha! aww thank you!! I enjoyed doing it so i definitely will :D Yes, my niece will be out of a job but, let's face it, she's a terrible stylist anyway! haha


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