88 Colour Ebay Eyeshadow Palette - Product Rave!

Hello there!
First of all, sorry for not posting for a while! I've decided to give up on the X Factor ''Style Wars'' posts, because i'm just not a fan of X Factor anymore, i felt like it was a drag having to watch it and write the posts and i blog for fun so i decided the jack it in haha! 
Now onto this post! 

A few months ago i bought a gorgeous 88 colour palette of eyeshadows from Ebay, i saw it while i was doing one of my (far too often) late night trawls of Ebay, and i just couldnt resist!! The same seller also does a 120 colour eyeshadow palette...which i also bought (OOPS).

It comes in this shiny, black, MAC-esque packaging, which is an absolute magnet for fingerprints! But i just polish mine with some window cleaner and a cloth when i gets too fingerprint filled (yes, I dust my palettes).

Look at this beautyyyy....so many gorgeous coppery tones, and purples, and browns, and also some matte shades thrown in there too, i can't get enough of looking at it to be honest!
Now for a closer look!

 Just absolutely beautiful! Especially the shimmer shades, i'm a sucker for a nice, shimmery eyeshadow and this palette is packed full of them! A few of the colours are quite similar, the light matte shades to be exact, but not enough for me to complain about it, i still think this palette is brilliant value!

 Here's a few swatches for you, obviously not of all of the colours but i thought i'd swatch quite a few of them just so you can see the consistency of them, this is just one swipe of my finger, i haven't built the swatches up at all because i wanted you to see how pigmented this palette is, and you can really see the shimmer in some of the shades, just beautiful! 
Obviously i know some people are quite sceptical about Ebay palettes because they're worried about the ingredients in them, but i have really sensitive eyes and these eyeshadows have never made mine sting or anything, but maybe test it out a little bit first on your skin to see if you have a reaction to it.
The staying power is great, they last all day on my eyes without a primer but i don't have especially oily eyelids so maybe if you do i'd suggest using a primer, i'm using MUA eyelid primer at the moment and it is brilliant! I have nothing to compare it to because it's my first eyelid primer but so far i'm loving it! 
The best thing about this palette is the price, it's £5.67 (including postage) from THIS Ebay seller, it does come from China so you'll have to allow around 3 weeks for delivery, but for this price it's totally worth the wait!
It's perfect for if you want to get into wearing eyeshadows but don't want to spend a fortune, or if you want to be a bit more bold with your eyeshadow choices, this has some great options for you! 
I'd say also a great gift for a teenager who is getting into makeup more, and if you order this now i think it would just arrive before Christmas (if my maths is correct!! haha)

So there was my product RAVE, i hope you enjoyed it! If you have any questions about the palette feel free to ask below, and let me know of any Ebay bargains you've come across, because i'm a bit of an addict!

Thanks, ciao for now!!

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  1. That looks amazing! and at that price (opens new tab for eBay) Thanks for sharing :D


    1. Haha enjoy!! Can't wait to see what you think of it!

  2. amazing palette! but so sad about your x factor posts, as they were some of my favourites to read x

    1. Aww thank you!! I might bring them back for the final or something :)

  3. omg that is an absolute bargain!!:)



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