Candle Haul! Yankee Candles, TK Maxx & Sainsbury's.

Hi there!
Now the Winter has well and truly hit (the red cups are in Starbucks so it's finally officially Winter in my eyes!) the first thing on my agenda was buying more candles! 
I burn candles in the Spring/Summer too but nowhere near as much as i do when it's nippy outside, i really love curling up on the couch or in bed and burning candles with the lights off, it makes soap night even more special! (i'm a pensioner at heart).
I love fruity scents for the Spring/Summer but my favourite ever type of scents are the Autumn/Winter ones, the rich, creamy scents, the spices and the caramels, i love them all!
I'll start off with TK Maxx, they're great for cut price candles!

 How pretty is this candle!?
I love the little sprinkles on the top, if you follow me on Instagram (my username is Angelamb09, give me a follow :D) you'll have seen me post a picture of this candle when i bought it.
It's a huge candle, the size of a large Yankee Candle, except it was only £5.99! And it's not like it's a rubbish candle, when you burn it you can definitely smell it in the air, it's a gorgeous creamy scent, very similar to Vanilla Cupcake from Yankee Candle, plus it looks pretty as a picture in my candle collection :)

My friend bought me this super cute candle for my birthday, and i love it! It's got a really strong gingerbread scent, and it's this gorgeous vibrant red colour so it really stands out amongst my other candles.
This was also £5.99 and it's a massive candle! These candles are soy candles, i don't know what the difference is between them and normal candles but i thought it was worth mentioning!

My boyfriend also bought this candle burner for me because i've bought so many Yankee Candle wax tarts recently, i had two red ones but lilac is the colour scheme of my room so my boyfriend bought me one of these and my mam bought me another to replace the two red ones :) They're from Sainsbury's and i think they're about £4.50.

Now for all my Yankee Candles, hold onto your hats...
I went a bit Ebay mad!! haha.
For links to the Ebay sellers i bought them off click on the pictures :)

I got this special edition Halloween one called Candy Corn and it's a nice, sweet scent, a bit generic and doesn't really smell OF anything, and when you burn it it doesn't let off a lot of scent, but it's a cute little gimmick i guess! This was £2.55 including delivery.

This is a USA only scent but it's still pretty cheap on Ebay, it's really quite an unusual scent! 
It has a fruity undertone when you sniff it for a while, but mostly it smells really sweet and rich with a hint of spice in it, very Autumnal! This is £2.45 including delivery.

This is a really sumptuous scent! I think it's one of the new Yankee Candle scents for Winter 2012, it smells like Vanilla Cupcake but with a spiciness to it, it's really rich and buttery and fills the room with such a strong scent! This was £1.98.

I love the spiciness mixed with gingerbread, it makes for such a unusual scent! Gingerbread really reminds me of Winter, i can imagine burning this while i'm wrapping Christmas presents <3
This is £1.99, with free shipping!

As soon as i saw this scent i knew i HAD to have it, it's pretty rare and from the USA but you can buy it quite readily on Ebay.
It's a buttery scent with a really fresh top note of mint, perfect for a change from the really heavy Winter scents but still with a hint of richness to it.
This is £2.70 with shipping.

This is quite different to the other scents i've picked up but i'm really glad i got it, it's not as apple-y as i expected, it's much more pine.
I'm not a huge fan of pine scents as a rule, but the subtle fruitiness of the apple really balances it out!
This was only £1.88 with postage.

This is one of my favourite scents ever! I only discovered it recently but it is such a amazing scent!
It is quite apple-y but with top notes of caramel and sugary loveliness! To smell this is to believe it so i'd definitely recommend you try it.
This is £1.98 with shipping.

And lastly this nice, subtle fragrance, it's exactly what it says on the tin!
A lovely spicy base with top notes of honey, a nice everyday fragrance!

And that's that! I also have a sampler of Shortbread Cookie from Yankee Candle on order but it hasn't arrived yet, i bet that's a gorgeous fragrance! 

What's your favourite candle brand and scent? Let me know!

Hope you've had a lovely bonfire night!

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  1. Your definitely my kind of candle girl! All of these sound amazing but I love the sound of the sugar and spice one (and all things nice).... My mum always buys fresh candles even in the winter it's so annoying haha, I js want sweet smelling ones! Defiantly going to check eBay out for some little ones xxx

    1. Thank you!! Haha oh dear, my mama the same, she hates heavy spicy scents, but I
      love them! Clearly candle tastes aren't genetic! Haha yeah definitely, just do what I do and make your room a haven for your own candle tastes haha

  2. I've just started working in debenhams and we have a yankee candle section and it smells so nice, i've stocked up on so many already! i like Ikea ones too though they are really good for 95p. :) xx

    1. I've had a couple of ikea candles and although they're not the strongest smelling, they have so much product for £1 you can't complain!!

  3. Ooooo I am soooo jealous Angie, I am budgeting at the moment (I suppose candles could come into the food shop budget right? lol) the gingerbread man one looks yummy! I love christmas scent, my boyfriends and I always buy a Glade one called honey & chocolate mmmmm it's delicious! Anything with cinnamon scent is a big thumbs up from me!



    Em's Mixed Bag

    1. If its a food scent then I'd definitely count it in the food shop, it's something sweet without the calories ;) haha

    2. Honey and chocolate sounds gorgeous!! Gonna have to check that out ;) you're a bad influence haha xxx


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