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Hello, me again!
Two posts in a night, we need to stop meeting like this!
I thought i'd do a haul, it's not a massive haul, it's just a few bits i've picked up recently so i thought i'd haul them before i forget :)
I will link products when i can :)

I got this Going For Gold palette from Lottie at Lottie's Little Life's blog sale, and it was only £1.50 which was amazing, so thanks Lottie!! I've been looking for this for ages, i'll be doing a proper post on this, like i like to do with palettes, so i won't say too much apart from i'm very impressed!! It's currently on offer on MUA's website too, 35% off everything and free shipping, woohoo!

 How beautiful are these eyeshadows?! They're also off Lottie, and were £1 each, and i'm so glad i chose to try them out because they're amazing! On the left is the shade Spice and the right is Antique Gold, they're from Milani which is pretty hard to get in this country, damn you England!! (I love you really).
I have found them on Ebay from a UK seller, but they're £6 with postage, which is a LOT for a single eyeshadow but honestly they're completely beautiful, so pigmented and opaque, they last for ages on the eyes, i had a night out which was pretty messy on Friday, and even after many drinks, dancing and even a bit of *ahem* vomming, the next morning Spice was still on my eyes (or at least one of them, as my mother had attempted to wipe the eye makeup off one of my eyes, oh dear me), hardwearing!!
So i would still purchase another shade for £6 from this brand, they're that good!
The link to Spice is here and the link to Antique Gold is here.
Enough gushing, onto the next thing.

 Party in a bottle or whaaat?!
It is quite subtle on the nails to be honest, more of just a sheen which is a bit disappointing to me, but it's ever so pretty in the bottle! It's £1.99 from Superdrug or Boots, it doesn't have a specific name i don't think, if it does then i can't find it! 

This is a apple and cinnamon candle from Poundland, it's so nice and the scent really fills a room, and for £1 who can argue?!

I got this delicious looking candle from TK Maxx, it was £5.99 for this massive jar, and it's pretty subtle to be honest! After i'd been burning it for a few hours i could smell a really subtle peppermint scent when i walked into the room, but it's still really lovely, smells exactly like Christmas candy canes :)

I mentioned this Yankee Candle sampler in my last candle haul, it is heavenly!
Really buttery and sumptuous, perfect to burn when you're having a night in, watching tv and being cosy :) I got this from Ebay, it was less than a fiver but these are quite rare to be honest, you'll be lucky if you find one for less than that but if you do, snap it up! I'm contemplating getting a jar to be honest! I'll have to put it on my Christmas list ;)

 I got this lovely stone coloured duffel coat from H&M also, i love buying a new Winter coat, it really makes me excited for Wintertime! 
This is kind of a swing coat, not figure hugging or anything, plenty of room for snuggly jumpers underneath it :)
It was £19.99 from H&M on sale, but obviously there's always discount codes for H&M, I used the £5 off code (1304) and the 25% off code (9910), feel free to go shopping and use these, happy spending!!

Now this is where proceedings get a bit Christmassy, if you think it's too early to be thinking about Christmas then i suggest you look away now because i'm one of those annoying people who love Christmas and think it's never too early to start thinking about it and getting worked up for it! 
In fact, as i write this post i'm currently listening to a Christmas playlist on Spotify (altogether now! SAAANTA Claus is coming to town!).
So naturally, when i saw these snowman socks in Primark i just had to have them, and they are so super cosy that i'm going to get the green pair with Santa Claus on them too, because you can never have too much stuff adorned with Santa's face! These were £3, which is a steal!

 Oh yeah, this happened!
Aren't these just the most amazing things you've ever seen?! Primark, you've done me proud once again!
I got the Christmas tree one for my works Christmas meal (yes, in public, at a restaurant, we'll be wearing Christmas clothing, we're the coolest workplace in the land) and for the time before Christmas, but the Christmas pud one is exclusively for the big day itself! I can't promise you i won't buy another one either...These were £12 each, but my lovely boyfriend bought me the Christmas pudding one :)

Following along the cosy, Christmassy, Winter theme, a hot water bottle!! This was also a present from my very generous boyfriend, i think it was about £3 from Primark which is a steal, it's so snug and cosy for my bed at night, i'm obsessed with it :)

I bought another throw for my bed from Primark as well, and in my opinion Primark homeware is killing it this year! It's really upped its game, some brilliant stuff.
This throw is super soft, thick and cosy, it really feels well made!
I first saw this throw on one of the gorgeous Miss Budget Beauty's videos (i'm sure you've heard of her but if you haven't then check her out, she's amazing!) and as soon as i saw her gushing about it i knew i HAD to have it! It was only a tenner, brilliant value for something so well made.

And lastly i've got these two cosy pillows (do you detect a theme with this haul?), the grey one matches my throw and i think it was around £3, and the white one came in a pack of two which i split with my boyfriend so i think it came to £3-£3.50 each, which is a very good deal! 

And that's that!! I definitely bought too much again this month haha one day i'll get the hang of this saving money business....one day....but not right now.
Hope you enjoyed!

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  1. Ohh I like the look of the shortbread cookie yankee candle:) Might have a bit of ebaying later :)

    Hope your well hunni


    1. It's really lovely, i can't wait to burn it! I'm really good thank you :)

  2. The Milani eyeshadows are amazing, the colours are so incredible! Also loving your snowflake bed sheets!

    Lucy Loves To Blog

    1. Thank you! I love them too, my bed is my favourite thing haha they are gorgeous, i wish they were more readily available in the UK!

  3. haha I want that xmas pud jumper for xmas!! x

    1. Definitely get involved, everyone should have at least one Christmas jumper haha!

  4. i love love your haul, i love the christmassy things and them eyeshadows look so gorgeous!:)


    1. Thanks babe!! They are gorgeous, can't stop wearing them :)

  5. This is such an amazing festive haul! love those christmas jumpers :) xxx

    1. Thank you sweet, they're so festive and lovely aren't they, can't wait to wear them!

  6. these milani shadows are so pretty! I read great things about milani... wish it was easier to find in UK :( x

    1. I know, it's such a shame :( i'd be their best customer if they did!


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