MUA Going For Gold Palette - Review!

Today i'm going to be doing a review of the MUA Going For Gold palette, now i'm fully aware that MUA brought out this palette to coincide with the London Olympics, but i never got round to buying it back then as i couldn't justify another eyeshadow palette purchase, but i saw this on a blog sale for only £1.50, brand new! So i had to snap it up!!
Isn't it pretty?! I know i always say this about products haha but this really is gorgeous, so shimmery and beautiful, perfect for the festive party season!

 As you can see, if you're a shimmer/glitter hater then this is not the palette for you as they're all shimmer shades, but i personally love shimmer on my eyes so i'm happy as Larry! (who is Larry?).
Some of the colours look a bit hard to wear but when they're swatched they're much easier shades than they appear.

 This is the top row, look at that last gold! So bright and perfect for Christmas parties! and that silver is a nice change to a heavy smokey eye.

The bottom row is definitely more wearable, a gorgeous bronze, deep golds and a staple dark grey.

The texture of these eyeshadows is lovely, they feel so soft and buttery and are easy to blend! You will probably get some fall out but in my experience it's pretty minimal.
I like the packaging, the eyeshadows are much bigger than normal MUA palettes and it looks pretty sleek, even if it is a bit cheap looking.
I obviously got this for only £1.50 from a blog sale but in Superdrug it is only £4, so i'd definitely still say it's good value! Plus MUA is always on offer and i've seen this palette for £3 loads of times.
As i said before this review is a bit late but i think this is a perfect Christmas time palette because of all the golds and silvers in it, you can be shining like a Christmas bauble! (in a good way!).

You can pick this up at Superdrug stores in the UK or on MUA's official website, it's a great website because they're always running lots of deals.

I hope you enjoyed this review! Will you be picking this palette up?

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  1. This looks so pretty, perfect for xmas, i love mua they are so pigmented!:)

    1. They are, you can't go wrong for the price :)


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