December Empties!

Hello there!
I'm here, i'm still alive!
I know it's been a little while, but ever since Christmas i've been struck down with the flu! I've even had to call in sick to work for one shift this week, which isn't something i do unless i'm really bad! But i think i'm on the mend now, hopefully it won't get a second wind and zonk me out again! I've spent the whole weekend in a mountain of tissues, my duvet and lemsip, but luckily i've had the Lord Of The Rings trilogy to keep me company, they're such good movies to transport you to another place when you're feeling rotten :)
Now, onto my empties!

The last of my Bath & Bodyworks candles, Frosted Cupcake is a lot like Vanilla Cupcake from Yankee Candle, too much like it for me to bother buying this again! 

I used up my Shortbread Cookie sampler from Yankee Candle, this is gorgeous but not a very strong scent which was a little bit disappointing!

I used up two packets of my favourite facial wipes, Johnson's Refreshing Facial Cleansing Wipes, they're so moist and you can really feel them cleaning your skin! 

I used up a Starlytes candle from Poundland in Spiced Apple Pie, this was lovely and burned really evenly!

Used up this cranberry bodywash from Sainsbury's, it was really festive and lovely, lots of bubbles considering how cheap it was!

I also used up this face mask from Montagne Jeunesse, these are my favourite face masks by a mile, you get so much in a packet and they always make my skin feel super soft!

 I also used up the last of my provisions of Snow Fairy, i'm always really sad to see this go :( but luckily my lovely boyfriend bought me a huge bottle for Christmas! So i've got plenty more now :)

I got this Dove Intensive Repair Express Treatment Conditioner free with a magazine a while ago, i've been trying to get rid of it to be honest because it's not very good, i've read that a lot of people like it but my hair just didn't get along with it!

Good old Herbal Essences! I always like to have some Herbal Essences in my shampoo collection because you can't beat them for good smelling hair or for leaving your hair soft and shiny, i know they're probably full of chemicals and nasties but hey, you only live once haha!

Used up most of these plain Impress nails, i like these ones the best because they're blank so you can paint over them yourself, which is what i prefer to do with them :)

Second to last, this Listerine mouthwash, i love the Listerine ones because they really feel like they're working, you get that satisfying burn at the back of your throat haha!

And finally, and saddest of all, my Selfridges Beauty Advent Calendar :(
This is something i hoped would never run out, but of course, it was always going to, RIP advent calendar :(

And that's that! Not as long as last months, i think it's because my advent calendar gave me lots of new things to try so i didn't have as much time to finish up old stuff, i'll do better for January! :)
Hope you're all well and have a great New Years Eve!!!
I'll probably be asleep by midnight, doped upto the eyeballs on paracetamol to recover from having to go back to work this morning :(
Hope nobody else is as ill as i am! And if you are, get well soon!

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  1. I felt so sad when my nail polish advent calendar finished lol!

    Hoping they do one next year and I can get it hehe.

    Just how much fun was yours? I loved doing mine and it made my post everyday which was tough sometimes!

    Hope you have a nice new year :-)

    1. i should think they will do more next year, probably loads of brands will, because they were big business this year!
      Mine was so fun! I missed some days and just did 3 days in one post so i cheated a bit haha i knew i didn't have the dedication to do it every single day!

  2. You have some great empties. I haven't used up much for months as been really ill with pregnancy :'(

    Hope you feel much, much better soon chick.

    Louise x

    1. aww no :( hope you start to feel better soon!
      Thank you, i'm feeling much better now :)

  3. Your blog is lovely! I have followed you*


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