November Empties!

Hello and welcome to my first ever empties post! 
I've never got round to doing one of these before, mainly because i just forget about photographing the products before i throw them out haha but this month i have quite a lot!!

First up is this Bath & Bodyworks Salted Caramel candle, this was just one of the mini ones that i bought from Bath And Body Shop, they don't actually sell this scent anymore but they do sell a few other amazing ones, i'd definitely recommend these candles, for such a small candle it lasted a long time and really filled the room with a gorgeous scent!
Would I buy it again? - Definitely! but i'd like to try other scents first.

I used up this Superdrug Vitamin E Intense Moisture cream, i've been using this for about a year now and no matter how many other moisturisers i have i always go back to this one, it shows you don't have to spend a fortune to get a great moisturiser because this really hydrates your skin and it's only £2.99.
Would I buy it again? - I already have another one of these in my collection! but i'm currently trying to use up my Liz Earle Skin Repair moisturiser.

This Avon vanilla body whip is something i'm quite happy to see the back of, i loved it when i first started using it but after a few uses i realised that it didn't actually hydrate my skin much at all.
Would I buy it again? - It smells amazing, i'm a big fan of vanilla scents, but unfortunately that isn't enough to make me want to buy it again!

This was a Betty Crocker Mint Cookie candle that i got from Poundland, as you can see i've used this to death! This was such a gorgeous candle, my favourite ice cream ever is mint chocolate chip so this was a godsend for me!
Would I buy it again? - I definitely would, if i ever see it in Poundland i'm going to grab a few!

A toothpaste! Isn't my life crazy and exciting?
I got this because my teeth had been feeling especially sensitive and i hoped this would help, and by jove it did! 
This is the second tube i've used up in a row, it really helped my teeth and they didn't feel sensitive at all after a few days of using this, whether that was a placebo affect or not i don't know haha.
This is about £3.50 normally but i got it when it was half price in Sainsbury's.
Would I buy this again? - Definitely! I've stopped using it for the moment and my teeth are feeling very sensitive again, so i'm going to have to grab a tube.

I used up all of my beloved Heat by Beyonce perfume, it is gorgeous and so warm and sweet, right up my street! 
I bought this last Christmas when Boots had the gift set on offer for about £9.99, an amazing deal! They actually had the same offer on this year too but i managed to resist buying it as i have quite a few perfumes on the go at the moment! 
You can buy this from Cheap Smells for around £11 for 30ml, but if you just want to try it then you can get a 15ml bottle from there also for £9.50 :)
Would I buy it again? - I definitely would but not until i've ran out of a couple of other perfumes first.

Impress Nails in Vamp It Up, i love Impress nails! I'm obsessed with them, in fact i'm actually wearing them now! I liked the pattern on these at first, but i soon got bored of them and painted over them with a glitter nail varnish, i love doing that because you don't have to faff around with removing the glitter, you just snap the nails off! haha, i know it's more expensive than just removing the glitter, but i'm horrendously lazy so it's worth it ;)
These are normally £7.99, but i got mine from Semi-Chem, where for some reason they were selling certain colours and patterns for £3.99! So naturally, i bought a few haha.
Would I buy them again? - I would buy Impress nails again but not this pattern, it just didn't float my boat!

Now i'm very sad to see the end of this, Loreal Infallible foundation in Porcelain, this is the only foundation i've ever found that is pale enough for me when i have no fake tan on, i'm literally a ghost, i make Edward Cullen look like he's been on a month long holiday to Barbados! This isn't very good on my dry skin though, it can highlight dry patches and look a bit cakey.
Would I buy it again? - I would, but i've asked for Laura Merciers Silk Creme foundation in Rose Ivory for Christmas, so i'll wait and see how that fares before and i think about buying this again, and also i'd like to try Revlon Colorstay foundation, as the Loreal foundation isn't much cheaper, only a pound or two!

I used up this Yankee Candle tart in Apple & Pine Needle, it was nice and quite festive as it smelt like a fresh Christmas tree! i couldn't really smell the apples though and the pine was quite overwhelming, plus the smell lingered for days afterwards, which put me off a little.
Would I buy it again? - No, it wasn't for me!

I also used up this Pinapple Cilantro Yankee Candle tart, and this was a whole different story! I loved it, it smelt like a cocktail, but also slightly floral and really fruity, a nice change from all the heavy Winter scents i've been burning at the moment!
Would I buy it again? - Definitely, would be perfect on a hot Summers day!

I've had this 17 Photo Flawless primer for a while now, and i'm glad i've used it up, it's one of those really waxy/gel type of primers, and they're really not nice in my opinion!
It made my foundation apply a bit smoother but i'm not sure about prolonging the wear of it.
I'd really like to try the Rimmel Fix & Perfect primer, because apparently that is more like a moisturiser consistency.
Would I buy it again? - No, the texture of it made my skin crawl a bit to be honest! 

And that's that! I hope you enjoyed my first empties post :)
I might also do a favourites post if i can find enough things to write about, i've been mostly using the same things as last month!
Hope your Monday has been bearable, did you get some snow? I was up taking pictures of it and posting them to Instagram at 2am! If you have Instagram then follow me, my name is Angelamb09 :)

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  1. That's an awful lot of empties! I'm on the lookout for a new moisturiser as my skin is suffering in this cold weather! That superdrug one sounds like a good, reasonably priced one :)

  2. Don't know what happened there! Haha.


    1. It's a great moisturiser! I'd definitely recommend it, especially in this harsh weather :)

  3. new follower!


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