Selfridges Beauty Advent Calendar - Days 12, 13 & 14!

Hello beauty belle-ettes! 
Late again, if you knew me in real life, this would be no surprise :) 
I was going to post windows 12 and 13 yesterday but i had a pretty crap day and just couldn't face it! So here i am today, perkier and cheerier! 
I've been round to my brothers house today to meet his new kitten Toby, he basically looks like a slipper with a face! Super cute, i took a couple of videos of him and lots of photos, because he won't be that small forever!

Now onto window 12, without any further ado!
 Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream! 
I love stuff like this, especially in this cold, harsh weather when my skin is like a shriveled up raisin and needs all the moisture it can get! I've used this and it's lovely and thick, a little goes a long way too so you don't feel like you're wasting it!

Day 13, unlucky for some!
 Lancome Genifique Youth Activator! 
How exciting does this sound?! Now, i know i'm only 21, but i think everyone could do with some youth activating, better to start these things sooner rather than later! 
This is a strange consistency, i expected it to be a really runny serum that you had to slap on your face quickly so it doesn't run all the way down your hand, but it's actually more of a gel! It goes a really long way too and my skin looked noticeably fresher the next morning after i used this! Pretty pricey in full size though, £56 for a 30ml! and *SHOCKED FACE* a massive £90 for 75ml! It would last you forever but i still wouldn't spend that much on a face serum, and i don't know how they can justify a price like that!

Finally, day 14!
 This bottle was a right bugger to photograph! Sort it out Armani haha, this is Armani Code by..Armani :)
I didn't think i'd like this as i'm not a huge fan of Armani perfumes, but this definitely grew on me when it had settled on my skin! 
It's almost as if Selfridges picked these fragrances just for me (Thanks Mr Selfridge!), it has more of a fruity top note when you first put it on but once it's sunk into my skin a bit a more warm, spicy smell comes through, it's almost slightly masculine in scent! Really nice :)

Hope you're having a lovely Friday night, it's been pouring down here in the North-East so i'm just going to curl up on the sofa and watch a movie, maybe Safe (Jason Statham, hi there<3) which i've been sent by Love Film this week :) 

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  1. I want this advert calendar! haha, Its fantastic
    Kerys xx


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