Selfridges Beauty Advent Calendar - Days 15/16/17!

Hello there!
So few days left of my advent calendar, i'm going to miss you my pretty :(
I'm late with this post again because it was my works Christmas meal and drinks yesterday! Fair to say we got pretty festive;
Yep, this happened.

So that's why this post is late, a very good reason as you can see haha!

Day 15!
 This is *DEEP BREATH* YSL Pure Chromatics Dessin du Regard Waterproof Eye Pencil!
Basically, it's a black kohl eyeliner! It's very black and i wore it on my waterline the other day, but by the time i got home from town it had smudged underneath my eyes a bit, so its claims to be waterproof don't seem to be correct! I will keep trying it as it is very black but it doesn't seem to be worth the money really!

Day 16!
 A lovely festive Lancome Juicy Tube in the shade Fraise.
I wore this over my favourite red lipstick last night and it looked so festive! It has fine gold shimmer in it which makes it look really special, and it stayed on a long time and wasn't very sticky, lovely!

Finally, day 17!
 Another Lancome Juicy Tube in the shade Marshmallow Electro (odd name!).
This is a gorgeous light pink with blue toned glitter running through it, i think this will look great over any colour of lipstick as it's quite sheer, looking forward to using it :)

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Omg cant believe you git the ysl linrr!!:)

  2. haha, LOVE the first picture of you :')


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