Selfridges Beauty Advent Calendar - Days 20 & 21!

And noooow, the end is near, and as we face, the final curtainnn <3
I will be more sad than you know when i reach the end of this advent calendar!
I'm currently writing this from under a blanket on the sofa, i was meant to be going out on the razzle dazzle tonight but my friend fell ill and i've been ill for days so we decided not to, and i'm so glad we did because as i write this i can barely keep my eyes open!! 
I've taken some Beechams honey and lemon powders (which are bloody lovely by the way!) and i'm ready for my bed soon! 

Onto day 20!
 Lancome Bi-Facial Non-Oily Instant Cleanser!
This is weird because it sits on top of itself in the bottle, if you know what i mean, it's like two seperate fluids then when you shake it they both mix together, like the Ojon Rare Blend oil :) 
I've used this on my eyes once, it didn't sting at all and took off my eye makeup, result!

Days 21!
 Genifique Yeux Youth Activating Eye Concentrate!
Another youth activating product! I could really use this tonight because my eyes are so tired! I might try it when i go to sleep :)

There we go, only 3 more windows to open! Sobbb :(

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  1. I love the idea behind this advent calender ...I must get one next year!


    1. They're great to get you hyped up for Christmas :)


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