Winterlicious Tag!!

Oh me, oh my, can you think of a better way to start a Christmas tag?! He's adorbz!!
Hello again and welcome to the Winterlicious tag! 
This tag was created by MacBarbie07, who is brilliant, so i thought i'd give it a go myself, get geared up for the Christmas time!!

1) Favorite Winter Nail Polish? 
These are my favourite Winter nail polishes, as you can see, it's hard for a nail varnish addict like me to pick just one so i settled for....four! haha.
The first one is Barry M in Green Glitter, then Accessorize in Gold Dust, Revlon nail varnish in Slipper and Barry M in Red Glitter! 
These colours are great for people like me who are crap at nail art! 

2) Favorite Winter lip product?
Nothing screams ''IT'S CHRISTMAAAAS'' in a Noddy Holder style more than a red lip in my opinion! 
I love my dark red Barry M lipstick at this time of year too but for Christmas parties and generally just to feel more glamorous in this drab weather, you can never go far wrong with a red lip! 
My holy grail red lipstick is Collection 2000 Volume Sensation in Cherry Pop and Jemma Kidd Hi-Shine lipgloss in Perfect Red, this lipgloss is the most amazing lipgloss, it's actually more like a liquid lipstick! Hard to get hold of now Jemma Kidd has gone bust though :(

3) Most worn Winter clothing piece?
Definitely my Winter staple! This coat is so warm, i just love it! It's from Boohoo and when i bought it a couple of years ago it was £50 but now it's £60, and that's in the sale! Inflation ey?! It's a killer.
This is such a statement piece, you don't even have to wear anything special underneath, it's an outfit in a coat really!

4) Most worn Winter accessory?
My boyfriend bought me this burgundy snood from Primark last year and i constantly wear it! It's so huge and snuggly, plus it doesn't leave fur all over your clothes like some cheap scarves do *cough*H&M*cough*.

5) Favorite winter scent/candle?
As much as i love all of my new Yankee Candles, this is the one i hold dearest to my heart, good old Vanilla Cupcake! Everyone raves about Christmas Cookie at this time of year but i definitely think this scent is much nicer, Vanilla Cupcake and Strawberry Buttercream are my favourite candles in the whole world, i chose Vanilla Cupcake this time though because it's slightly more Wintery :).

6) Favorite Winter beverage?
It would have to be a peppermint mocha from Starbucks or good old tea! I love tea, nice and strong, just a splash of milk and no sugar, you can't beat it! 

7) All time favorite Christmas/Holiday movie?
This picture is a little clue to one of them ;)
Elf! It never fails to make me laugh and even though it's very modern it has quick become a Christmas classic! Then of course the wonder The Santa Clause, Tim Allen is a babe! 
Jingle All The Way, another must-watch at Christmas, as much as i love It's A Wonderful Life and films like that, you can't beat a fun, frolicking Christmas film! 

8) Favorite Christmas/Holiday song?
Definitely has to be this one! Such a great song to sing along to, it has jingle bells, it has impressive vocal acrobatics, plus it has Mariah Carey prancing about in a tiny Santa suit, what more can you want?! 
Also a couple more that never fail to put me in a Christmassy mood are;
Ooooh the festiveness is almost too much to take :D

9) Favorite Holiday food/treat?
There's so much food to choose from i think it's impossible to pick just one! I love turkey, stuffing, sprouts, pigs in blankets (sorry to any vegetarians reading!), Christmas pudding and custard, all the Christmas chocolate, trifle, the whole she-bang!!

10) What is your favorite Christmas Decoration this year?
You'll have seen this little guy if you read my Christmas prep haul a few posts back, but i just love him :) We've named him Rod, and we hope he'll be with us for many Christmasses to come :)

11) What's at the top of your Christmas list?
I didn't have much I wanted this year to be honest! I struggled to tell my mam and dad what i wanted, because they usually ask me what i want for my main presents and then buy me bits and bobs to open on Christmas day that are surprises, but i did ask for some Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation as i've heard so much about it, so fingers crossed! 

12) What are your plans for the holidays this year?
Same as every year! I'll be home with my parents and my two older brothers, we'll open all our presents and then around midday one of my brothers will go off to his girlfriends house and the rest of us will eat our dinner, then on the night my boyfriend will come round and we'll exchange our presents :) this is the first year we've done this since we've been together (four years in January), we usually do our presents on boxing day, but i'm working :( so we've moved it to Christmas day, which is super exciting :D

And that's that!!
I tag you all in this post! Feel free to do it whoever you are, but i will name three people i'd love to see do this post :)
These three ladies are my favourite bloggers in the whole wide world, so if you pop by their blog (and i really suggest you should!!) then let them know i've tagged them for me and i'll tell Santa to put you on the nice list :)


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  1. Love this tag and macbarbie07! x

    1. Thank you :) And yes, she's brill isn't she!

  2. I love doing reading these tags :)
    & I've seen some really nice Barry M nail polish i want to get haha

    :) hope your all set for christmas :)


    1. Barry M glitters are brilliant at the moment, they've really stepped up their game!!

  3. Your coat looks super warm, I love Yankee Candle wax tarts my favourite this Christmas has been Christmas Cookie Xx

    1. It really is! Keeps me nice and snuggly on these cold days :)


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