Eye Candy - The Weird Crush Edition!

Bonjour beauty belles! 
I was watching TV today and i realised how many strange people i have a crush on, basically i seem to have two main types when it comes to men, blonde hair and a cute face or black hair and handsome, but i also have a (slightly weird) thing for men with grey hair! 
So i thought i'd do a post about my weird crushes! I'm currently sat in bed and i can't sleep so naturally what else is there to do but ogle pictures of some gorgeous men? No? Just me who's a perv then....

I like doing slightly different posts, not just beauty constantly :) And who doesn't like to ogle hot men?!
Some of them aren't ''weird'' necessarily, but not usual crushes like Bradley Cooper or Jake Gyllenhaal (two favourites of mine still!) 
Let me know in the comments what you think of my picks, and i'd love to know who your weird/unusual crushes are :) 

Paul Hollywood
 Now, a lot of you might not agree with this one, some of you might not even know who he is! But he's one of the judges on the genius BBC2 cooking show, Great British Bake-Off! 
I don't know what it is about him, his grey hair, blue eyes or the fact i know he could bake me all the cakes and bread i could eat, but i find him irresistable! And when he's kneading some dough it makes me all hot and bothered...weird?!

Misha Collins
 If you watch the American tv series Supernatural then you'll recognise this fallen angel, that's one of my favourite shows and of course, the two leading men are gorgeous (if you haven't seen them, google it, they're unbelievable!) but there's something very boy next door about Misha, also my attraction to him isn't just based on looks, in real life the actor seems completely insane, in a good way, which is very attractive to me, i love a man who isn't afraid to be himself!

Blake Shelton
 Another thing i have a weakness for, country singers!
I'm a massive fan of country music, which is something you guys might not know about me, but Blake has to be my favourite country singer, he seems like he has a great sense of humour on The Voice USA (in which he's a coach) and seems a all-round gentleman! 

Joey Greco
 Yes..If you recognise this guy you'll know he hosts the notorious tv programme Cheaters, which i love, but there's just something about his silky, cat-like voice and his grey hair that makes him very attractive to me!

Jake .M. Johnson
 Nick from New Girl! 
Need i say more?! Look at that craggy, cute little face <3

What do you think of my picks?!
Obviously i love all of them, i might do another one of these posts with my more normal crushes as well, i did one a while ago (read here if you'd like a blast from my blog past!) but i have a few more to add to it, and i know you like-minded people won't moan about a few more sexy men on my blog either ;) 

Thanks for reading! 

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  1. Aw, little nick! So cute! Haha xx

  2. Totally agree with Paul Hollywood, theres just something about a real manly man who can bake cakes! & his eyes are beautiful!

    I think my weird crush is James Martin, from Saturday Kitchen, he's just so cute!

    Kerys -ox
    Little Bo Blab

    1. Yeah, he's a proper man, but he has a gentle, cake baking side, he's perfect!! haha his eyes are hypnotic <3
      I get the James Martin thing, he seems a really nice, down to earth man too!

  3. No Russell Howard in here anymore? I definitely agree with Misha, Blake and Jake though ;)


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