Groupon Haul!

Morning bargain lovers!
A bit of a different post from me today, yes it's a haul, but it's from a medium i don't have much experience with, Groupon
They emailed me and offered me some credit to use on the site, and as i'd never used it before i jumped at the chance! 
I made sure i only picked out stuff that wouldn't be out of place on my blog, fashion and makeup items in other words :)
I'll show you what i got and then i'll explain a little bit about how it works!

 I got this gorgeous Swarovski ring, i've seen this again on the site so i think it's a offer that recurs from time to time, so keep your eye out for it :)
This was only £12 and it's gorgeous, the blue really suits my skin tone so if you're pale i'd recommend the blue colour, they're from Silver Supermarket and are originally £39.99.

Then i got this Montagne Jeunesse beauty basket for £14, this is originally £30, i know this because i actually bought one at full price for my friends birthday! It's a brilliant gift, to someone else or yourself ;)
This will last me forever, i will do a few reviews on the products no doubt so keep your eyes open for them :)

This is a really interesting product, i can't wait to use it, it's hair chalks! They're from DVA Beautique and apparently you just wet them and then work them into your hair, it sounds a bit messy but hopefully it'll leave a deep colour in my hair! When i use them i'll probably do a review on them.
I got them for £12.80, they usually cost around £30.

 And finally i got this MeMeMe Ultimate Golden Goddess collection, I've never owned much MeMeMe cosmetics, but i'm really impressed with these so far! The lipstick is a gorgeous nude colour, and the shimmer brick is amazing! Gives you such a glow on your face, if you'd like to see a review on any of these products individually then let me know in the comments :)
This is originally £68.96, but i got it for £28.50!

Now i'll explain a little bit about how it works, when you go on the Groupon site you have to register, and once you do you'll see the tabs at the top you'll see vouchers in the UK, shopping deals, travel deals and vouchers, if you click on shopping deals it should take you to the goods that are for sale, i usually just click on the tab that says ''all deals'' so i can browse everything :)
Then when you find something you like the look of, you just click on that and then have a scroll down and read the fine print, because sometimes you do have to pay P&P additional to the price you pay on Groupon so it's nice to know where you stand.
Then when you're satisfied, just click the big green button that says ''Buy Now!'', and you'll buy your Groupon voucher, which they'll email to you when the offer closes and you can use the code they give you to go onto the product website and buy it, it's just like putting in a discount code at the checkout, very simple!
And that's that! The external website, not Groupon, will send you your goods, and i haven't had any bad experiences with them so far, it's all been very swift and satisfactory :) 

Have you ever used Groupon? I'd love to hear about your experiences, please leave them below for me to peruse :) 
Thanks for reading!!

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  1. Oh my goodness, your ring is gorgeous! Love the colour. I've never bought anything off Groupon, but always have a quick look when I get a chance!

    Pauline @

    1. Thank you! I'd never bought anything either but it's actually brilliant value!


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