Missguided Wishlist!

Not you again!!
Only joking, always a pleasure :)
I don't know about you guys, but i think i spend a good 60% of my life browsing clothes websites looking at stuff i can't afford, and my favourite place for window shopping at the moment is Missguided! They have really upped their game and i could easily fill my virtual basket to the brim with stuff! 
So i thought i'd give you all a peek into my basket, a basket which i can't afford to take to the checkout :( So i'm hoping some of you will read this and buy one or two items, so i can live vicariously through you :)
All links to the products will be in the titles :)

I'm loving jumpers like this recently, baggy and great to wear with leggings, this blue ombre effect looks so cool too, it's the exact style i adore! 

This might look a bit cheap and tacky to some people but personally i love it! i can imagine it with just a plain black baggy t-shirt tucked in and some studded ankle boots, plus it's super cheap!

Check out this beautiful dress! It has everything i love in a dress, spikes, a collar and a nipped in waist! I'd feel super fierce if i wore this!

The shirt is what i've got my eye on, studs (again!) and skull buttons, i'd love to wear this with leather leggings and ankle boots!

Once again, nice and long so it can be worn with leggings, cos who likes to see a camel toe unless they're in a zoo?!
The cut-out shoulders are a great touch too, make it work for night and day :)

Can you see a theme developing here? Yes, me too! I've been looking all over for a jumper with spiked shoulders, i found one in New Look but it said ''one size''?! What's the use of a jumper that only comes in one size?
So this is a great alternative to that!

I think simple tops like this are great for keeping your wardrobe really versatile, this is nice and long and a really flattering cut so you could wear it with anything, plus the fact that it's a roll neck is a bit different, and will keep you nice and warm in the Arctic weather we've been having! 

I love wearing maxi dresses in a casual way, with a leather jacket slung over them and some ankle boots, so i think this maxi skirt would be great as a basic, also the slit adds a bit of raciness so you could wear it for night time if you wanted to! 

I live in my leather leggings, so these part leather (well..pleather) and part jersey leggings are super cool to me! I've ordered some that are similar from H&M, but those have jersey down the sides and leather down the front, whereas these are in a funky pattern, so it wouldn't be a waste of money to own both right?....RIGHT?

Leggings...and studs...need i say more!?
And these don't look like the kind of studs that would fall off after 2 minutes, they look pretty substantial! 

A lot of you might think these a bit..tarty...but i love them! Don't judge me.

As you might have guessed, i could do a whole post on the leggings from Missguided on their own!! haha i'm an enthusiast...
These Disco Pant rip offs look great because they're not actual pants, they're leggings! So a bit easier if you're not a size 10, which i am...not.

The coats on Missguided are absolutely killing it too! This normal beige mac is brought alive by the amazing leather sleeves, i'm in love! 

And yes, the black and studded theme does carry on to my footwear, look at these babies! perfect for splashing through the puddles in the April showers! 

And last but not least, a night out staple for me is a blazer, it smartens up any outfit and makes it look slightly classier and chicer! The leather on this one just makes it more interesting and slightly more ''young''.

And there we go! I could probably keep rambling on and on about lots more stuff but this is a selection of my favourite things, you never know, a few of these things might just make it to the checkout come payday (roll on friday!!).
I will say this about Missguided though, i know quite a lot of people who've had bad experiences with them shipping-wise, i myself have paid for next day delivery so something would come in time for a special night out, and it didn't arrive until a few days later which was no use to me! 
And this has happened to a couple of people i know, but i also know a lot of people who have had faultless experiences with them! So i suppose it's just the risk you run when you order online, but i thought it best to let you know anyway, because i love you guys and wouldn't want to keep something like that from you :)

Hope you enjoyed seeing what's on my wishlist at the moment, what's on yours? Not just from Missguided, but generally from anywhere, let me know in the comments below, because when a comment notification comes through on my phone it always makes me feel smashing :) 

Love you!!
Talk soon!

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  1. Love the things you picked out here! The dip-dyed jumper is gorgeous:)xo

    1. It really is! i might have to buy that now i've been paid ;)

  2. I love Miss Guided! I have those leather panel leggings and always wear them on a night out xo

    Beauty Fiends Blog

    1. They're gorgeous! i really want them, to dress up for night and dress down!

  3. I love the peices you picked out, missguided is one of my fav clothing sites!:)


    1. Glad to hear so much positivity about Missguided, i was afraid loads of people would have bad stories about them haha!

  4. Loveee the cut out shoulder top & the boots :D
    Great choices doll!

    Kerys -ox
    Little Bo Blab


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