My Beloved Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch!

Hello beauty bunnies!
Todays post is VERY exciting, i want to share with you my most prized possession, something i've wanted for years and something that has earned my boyfriend 10000000 boyfriend points! 
My Michael Kors watch!! I've wanted one of these for years and years and couldn't believe it when i unwrapped it on Christmas day! 
I don't know how much it was, he bought it from ASOS but they don't sell it anymore, it seems to have been limited edition or something because i can't find it on sale anywhere in the UK anymore! 
Anyway, enough of me babbling, time for me to unveil the beauty!!

 It's just the most beautiful thing i've ever seen with my eyessss <3
I love the standard rose gold watch you can get from Michael Kors, the one everyone has, but i love this one just a little bit more because it's so unique and not many people have it! 
The dark grey face gives it that masculine edge i love, and it looks great paired with allsorts of different jewelry, i especially love it with the bracelet my friend Rachel bought me for Christmas, which you can see in the last picture (which you'll recognise if you follow me on Instagram!) 
I literally haven't taken it off since i got it, only when i go to work and that's just because i wouldn't be allowed to wear it where i work :) 
My boyfriend thoroughly spoilt me this year, i'm the luckiest girl for the amount of thought he put into my presents :D
Soppiness over haha!

What do you think of it? Would you ever invest that much money in a watch?
Thanks for reading gorgeous people!!

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  1. Beautiful watch! xo

  2. You lucky girl! I really like how it is different from all the other michael kors watches, it's a bit more unique! I would pay a lot of money for a watch if I actually had the money haha, I see them as an investment and something that I would wear for years to come :) x

  3. Amazing, so lovely and such a great color! x

  4. This is gorgeous!


  5. Oh my goodness this is absolutely beautiful you lucky sausage! Your boyfriend sounds like a very good egg :) I love statement watches, I really want a new one as mine has a pink strap so doesn't go with all of my outfits.
    Love Holly x

  6. aww It really is gorgeous! :)x

  7. Its stunning! Never was a fan of watches but I am considering buying either this one or a similar one from marc jacobs now!


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