Cosmetic Surgery Predictions For 2013 - Guest Post by Ed Beadsell (Clinic Compare).

Cosmetic Surgery Trends
For surgical procedures, the most popular for women remains breast implants. 
However, men are quickly catching up with the number of male operations growing by almost 6% and the most popular procedure being the tummy tuck. 
Here we look at trends that are going to be hot in the cosmetic surgery world during 2013. 

The Brow Lift 
From barely registering on the radar a few years ago, the brow lift has now stormed into the top ten most popular procedures and shows no signs of losing its place. 
Part of the reason for its growing popularity is that it is much less invasive than a traditional facelift as it can be performed as a keyhole surgery. 
This, combined with a significant drop in cost of this surgery, has really boosted the appeal of brow lifts for women, particularly in the 35 years and older age group, who want to remove forehead wrinkles and reduce excess skin. 

The Mummy Makeover 
A trend that has arrived from the United States is the aptly named 'Mummy Makeover' where women opt to have cosmetic surgery soon after giving birth to their child, thereby helping them regain their pre-pregnancy figure. 
Over 300,000 Americans have had this procedure which can include breast implants, correction of stretch marks, liposuction and removal of unsightly capillaries. 
This makeover has been rumoured to be the reason so many celebrity mums get back in to shape with super quick speed. 
The makeover can also include softer techniques such as Mesotherapy to help the skin regain its elasticity and laser treatments to reduce uneven skin tone. 

Cosmetic Surgery on Your Hands 
Wrinkles, thinning of the skin and age spots can all be reasons why our hands often give away our true age. This is why women are increasingly focusing on hand treatments to help them keep that youthful look. Popular treatments include injections of hyaluronic acid to keep the hands plumped up and LED light therapy such as CACI which promotes the growth of collagen in the hands and removes unsightly dead skin. Hylauronic acid treatments only last for a limited amount of time, so for a permanent treatment, a well-regarded alternative is lipofilling, although this is more invasive. 

Not Just for the Young 
One real growth area in cosmetic surgery is the increasing amount of people in their 70s or even 80s who are having work done. 
Numbers have increased by 5% in recent years and this figure shows no signs of slowing down. 
In this older group, the most popular surgery tends to be facelifts or the removal of excess skin on the body. 

Breast Augmentation Trends 
Women have been influenced by the curvy stars of shows such as Mad Men when it comes to that cosmetic surgery classic the ‘boob job’
Surgeons in the UK have reported that increasing numbers of women are now requesting more conical breast implants as opposed to the more natural round ones previously favoured. 
These new type of implant give additional fullness at the top of the breast allowing the surgeons to create a more voluptuous look.

Is it All Over for Lipo? 
Reshaping the body remains popular but surgeons and customers are looking for less invasive ways to treat localised fat problems. 
A new, but as yet little known treatment, is intralipid therapy which involves injecting a solution into the affected area which then stimulates the melting of fat away from the cells in which it is contained. 
This treatment is popular because it doesn't involve any anaesthesia and simply requires 2 - 4 fifteen minute sessions during which several areas of the body can be treated at the same time. 
After the procedure, it is recommended that you wear compression stockings and have lymphatic drainage massage in order to optimise the results. 

The New Botox 
Botox was a game changer when it first arrived but it has now been around for over a decade and people are looking for newer, more effective alternatives. 
Sheep placenta has been picked up by clinicians as a possible Botox replacement as it has a particularly high concentration of stem cells. 
It has been developed into a facial treatment by two surgeons in London's Harley Street and is having such positive effects there are already long waiting lists. 
As part of the treatment, the sheep's placenta is massaged into prepared skin and this encourages the production of collagen. 
The effects last for around five to six months and it is claimed to give a far more natural effect than Botox. 

Lash and Brow Transplant 
This treatment began as a way to treat people who had suffered severe burns but was quickly picked up by the cosmetic industry. 
The procedure is the same as that used in hair transplants with the surgeon taking around 40 hair follicles from the back of the neck and transporting them to your brow or lash line. 
Brows take longer than lashes to start growing again, and can take up to six months to begin, but this could be the ideal solution if you have over plucked your brows in the past. 

Cosmetic Surgery Trends 
Cosmetic surgery is one of the fastest evolving areas of healthcare and doctors are continually revising and improving their techniques as well as developing new ones. If you want to know where we will be heading beyond 2013, keep your eyes on celebrities as they are often the first adopters when it comes to the latest techniques.


I hope you enjoyed reading that post by Ed from Clinic Compare, I found it so interesting i just had to share it with you guys! Can you IMAGINE injecting sheep placenta into your face?! This seems madness to me, but if it's more natural looking and less harmful for you than Botox then who am i to judge? I'm sure there's plenty of people who will be interested in it, as it says in the post, the waiting list is already long, but i personally can't imagine being injected in my face, while i'm still awake, seems too much like a scene from Hostel for me! haha.
As i said in my previous guest post about cosmetic surgery, i think it's a important topic for me to cover on my beauty blog as it is a important part of the beauty industry, and as much as i know it isn't a quick fix or something to be entered lightly i do think that if you are truly unhappy with some physical aspect of yourself then you shouldn't feel ashamed to seek the help or advice of a surgeon, because at the end of the day being able to love yourself, inside and out, is all that matters :) 
But that's just my opinion! 

Hope you've all had a bearable week at work, the weekend is upon us!! Hold on for just another day!!

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