MUA Fur Effect Nails - A Mixed Review!

Hi there! 
No eyeshadow palettes today! I'm doing a review of a new nail product instead, (although i do have a eyeshadow palette review upcoming..a possible Urban Decay Basics palette dupe, watch this space!!) and this one's quite a queer one! 
Which as soon as i saw, i thought i HAD to have! It looked so cool on the pictures i saw of it and i think nail varnishes have been pretty dull recently so something new to breathe life into the industry was a breath of fresh air to me! 
So when i saw it on sale for £2 (the introductory price) in Superdrug i had to have it!

I got the shade ''Fluffy Bobbin'' which is a contender for the cutest nail varnish name ever!
It's a bright, cobalt blue, i thought this would make the most impact on my nails, there is also a pale pink, a raspberry pink and a ocean blue.

The instructions seemed pretty straight forward, paint my nail with my chosen colour (Barry M in Cobalt Blue) and while the polish is still wet just take the lid of, shake some fur out of the sifter and dip my nail in, easy peasy!!....NO.

No fur at all comes out of the damn sifter AT ALL! It's insane, i thought i might have a faulty one but i've heard a few people complain about the same thing, a definite design flaw, and another design flaw is that in the instructions it says ''for a more full coverage application, take the sifter out and dip your nail straight in the pot'', easier said than done MUA! 
I tried getting it out by easing it off with my nail, no luck, obviously i didn't want to be too rough with it in case the top came flying off and i would have blue fluff everywhere! 
I ended up having to get some nail scissors and ease it round the edge of the sifter for ages until it finally came off, some definite design mishaps in this product! 

When i finally did get it off i was greeted by this sumptuous looking fluff, so i painted my nails and dove straight in with my fingernails! And it's a lot harder than it sounds, i kept missing off the sides of my nails and patches at the top, it was a messy and arduous process and definitely not one that can be done quickly!

 This is what i was left with afterwards..not so hot! But actually, aside from all the mess, which does come off pretty easily, just wipe around your hands with a damp cloth/facial wipe, i actually quite liked it! It was the weirdest thing i'd ever done to my nails, but i enjoyed it! Most other people i showed hated it though, my mam and boyfriend were particularly against it, my mam said it looked like mould haha!
After i'd tidied my nails up a bit this is what i was left with:

It looks really furry and interesting! But it was such a messy and annoying process to get them like this that i'm not sure i'd try it again in a hurry! Also when i washed my hands it kind of got a bit matted and it chipped after less than a day, not good! 
So this was a pretty bad review when it comes to the application and the packaging, but as for the finished result, i quite liked it! And if anyone would like to offer to apply it for me next time then i'd happily wear it again haha!

MUA Fur Effect Nails are available from Superdrug stores nationwide, and online, for £3.

Have you tried this product? Did you have better results than i did? Let me know!! I love to hear from you guys :)

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  1. Wow, this is definitely... interesting! I can't believe they haven't thought of a better idea for the packaging though!

  2. this looks like such fun! but im too scared of the mess :/

    BreezeyBee Blog

    1. Yeah if you don't like mess you won't like this haha

  3. I noticed these in Superdrug the other day and was a little confused! I do really like the nail constellations though, so may give these a go x

    1. I'd say give them a go, cos they're cheap, but i wasn't a huge fan of the effort it took!

  4. Looks fun!

    New follower :) xx

  5. Theres something about the fur nail effects that makes me feel all funny, I think I'd freak out over the texture on my nails ha! Xx

    1. Haha yeah i can understand why, it's like cotton wool and i know a lot of people have a cotton wool phobia!

  6. I must admit I was initally curious about the concept on them... but I don't really like it. I hate the fact that it looks so messy and just werid. I would love to know their thought process in making this product lol. x

    1. Yeah it's a bit random, i suppose it's nice that they always try and discover new things but this is a bit pointless haha


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