My Edinburgh OOTD's/FOTD's!

Och aye the noo! 
Whatever that means...I've been to Scotland a few times now and i've never heard anyone say that, have you?!
Anyway, i'm going to be doing a post on my OOTD's and a few FOTD's too from my week in Edinburgh.
I went there with my boyfriend for Valentines day and we had such a lovely time! I'll be doing a haul post on everything i bought too, because i bought some very exciting things!!
If you follow me on Instagram you'll have already seen these pictures, and if you don't follow me...then why ever not?!? ;)

I won't bore you with when and where i wore these outfits, i'll just show you them and tell you where everything is from :)
I will link where possible.

Leather leggings - Primark

Eyebrows - MUA eyebrow pencil in brown
Lips - Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in Crush.
Watch - Michael Kors.

Jumper - Primark
Boots - Primark

Eylure lashes in 140 Intense.

Scarf - H&M
Top - H&M
Leggings - H&M
Bag - Primark

Necklace - H&M
Skirt - H&M

Tights - Henry Holland
Skirt - Primark
Top - Primark
Scarf - Edinburgh tourist shop

And that's all my outfits! They'll not be to everyones taste i'm sure but i really liked all of them! And as you can see i'm a huge fan of H&M ;) 
I like their scheme of being able to buy now but pay next month, great for when you're strapped for cash like i was this month! Plus it's interest free, which is always a winner! It does get a bit addictive though because it feels like you're paying nothing for the clothes so be careful!!

And here's a few more pictures of what we got upto while we were in Edinburgh :)
 The last two pictures are from a place called Camera Obscura, if you've never been then do go, it's such a entertaining place!! 
Hope you're all well :)
Muchos love!!

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  1. Love the pictures and your outfits, great post!:)

  2. Great photos, looks like youve had a great time! youve got lovely hair!

    Zoe, x

  3. Ohhh looks like you had a great time! I love your outfits, very pretty Xx

    1. Thank you very much :) I did have a great time!

  4. :O can't believe you were in Edinburgh! that's only up the road from me! haha :P
    Glad you had a nice time :) Edinburgh is beautiful.

    Love all your outfits too :) plus i'll need to see all these instgram pics :)


    1. You lucky thing! wish i lived up the road from Edinburgh haha thanks very much :) Yes follow me on Instagram, i love stalking new peoples pics ;) haha


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