My Ipad (Malcolm) & Its Accessories/Apps!

Firstly, apologies for the lampshade being reflected in the Ipad screen haha, but it's terribly hard to take a picture of an Ipad so I found out!! I hope the picture of Justin Timberlake makes up for it ;)

This post is going to be a run down of my favourite accessories for my Ipad and also my favourite apps :) 
I'm in love with my Ipad, I've even named it Malcolm :)
 I use it everyday and it is definitely the best investment I've ever made.
I got the white Ipad, I just prefer the clean white-ness of it rather than the black, and also it is personalised with a quote on the back, one of my favourite quotes in fact;
Which I think is just a lovely personal touch :) Although of course if you're ever planning to sell your Ipad the fact you have a quote that is personal to you on the back might be a problem, but luckily I don't plan on that! 

The first things I ever bought for it was these two covers from Ebay;
 They're these magnetic smart case covers, much like the official Apple covers you can buy but at a fraction of the price! 
I got mine from Ebay and you can get them in allsorts of colours for only £6.99, I got the ones with clear back cases, so you could see the quote on the back.
They're so easy to attach, you just clip on the back and then the front case attaches magnetically to the side, and voila! it protects your Ipad from scratches! Although they do have a tendency to get dirty marks on the front, but I find a small amount of nail varnish remover on a cotton pad just rubs the dirt off the covers no problem :)
They're also a UK seller so you receive your case super quick.

Then I got this thicker and more substantial rhombus pattern Ipad case, I thought it would be better for travelling and protect it more efficiently.
I paid £11.99 for mine but I've searched for rhombus Ipad cases on Ebay and found it for the much cheaper price of £5.95! 
This seller seems to be selling the exact same one so I'll definitely be buying my next one from them! 
The sky blue one is next on my list!

I also bought a few stylus pens for it, I find them easier for writing with, especially when I'm wearing false nails! You can buy a pack of 14 stylus pens for £1.79 on Ebay, which is an amazing bargain! You'd never run out that's for sure!

I also bought this snazzy bluetooth keyboard from Groupon, it was half price at £19.99 but that offer is unfortunately now closed, but you can buy very similar ones off Ebay for just £15.09! 
Basically what you do is you slot your Ipad in that black strip near the top and connect it via bluetooth, and then away you go! You have to charge the keyboard, I do it via a USB cable from my laptop.
I think it's a really snazzy idea and it makes blogging from my Ipad lots easier! 

Now onto my favourite apps, I've been through a lot of apps in my time, most of them bite the dust because i get bored of them too quickly, but some of them have survived the cut and those are the ones I'll show you today! 

I've only recently got into Netflix properly, if you don't know it's a TV and movie streaming service that costs just £5.99 a month, I only got into it when I discovered you could pay a little bit extra from certain websites (I use Hide My Ass!) and it will hide your IP address, which basically means that you can stream movies and TV which is only available on the US Netflix, it sounds like it's illegal but it isn't, which is always a bonus haha! And the amount of extra TV programmes you get access to is amazing, I'm currently hooked on a show called Drop Dead Diva, if you haven't heard of it then check it out, it's a really fun show :)

Instagram is a favourite for most bloggers I think so this won't shock anyone! My Instagram name is Angelamb09 if you would like to follow me :)

I can never get enough of Pinterest, once I'm on there I'm lost for hours! 

If you're a beauty lover like me then you should definitely download this magazine which was created by the famous Youtube sister act Pixiwoo, it's a brilliant magazine which is only available for digital download, but I would buy it if they ever released it as a physical copy! We need more magazines that are solely beauty, we have sole fashion magazines so I don't understand why not!
And to make it even better, this magazine is free to download!

The Sims, what more can i say?! I love it and have been hooked since day one with my Ipad! If you play too tell me and I'll add you as a neighbour ;)

 And finally, TuneIn Radio is a brilliant app which allows you to listen to radio stations from all around the world, I listen to Got Country radio a lot because here in the UK we don't have any country radio stations and I'm a huge fan of country music :)

Also a honourable mention goes to Broken Sword: Shadow Of The Templars, it's a brilliant puzzle game that really absorbed me and kept me hooked for hours! I got it free with those app downloads you can pick up from Starbucks, but it costs £2.49 normally and is worth every penny! I'm definitely going to download the sequel :)

And that's that! A day in the life of my Ipad, I'd love it if you left me any app or accessory suggestions below, I'm always on the lookout for new things to waste my money on ;)

Thanks for reading!!

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  1. Great post! I love my ipad too it really is such a fabulous investment. Mine's in black- kinda regret it I love the white one!! I love all of your accessories. Your covers are lovely x x

    1. The black Ipad is nicer than the black Iphone I think, it looks sleek! But I've always preferred white :) thank you very much :) xxx

  2. I ridiculously want an ipad. I just thought I'd say you have chosen yourself a lovely background ;) :) xx

  3. I'd never thought of buying any stylus pens, but now I think I'll have to since the ones you linked are such a bargain!



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