The First ''Favourites'' Post Of 2013!!

Good afternoon ladies and welcome to the first favourites of 2013! A monumentous moment! 
As some of you might have noticed, i don't do a favourites post every month, mainly that's because i do a empties post now, and you don't really need to do both in the same month i don't feel, but this month i have quite a few favourites and empties so i thought i'd just do both!

First, and most favourite favourite of all, is my Michael Kors watch! It's the Michael Kors Runway watch and was limited edition so is no longer available, but it's a beauty of a watch and i'd definitely recommend them, even though they're pretty pricey they're a staple for your wardrobe and i've worn it so much already, and i only got it for Christmas!

Something new for me, the MUA Intense Colour Lip Liner in Red Drama! 
I've never used a lip liner before but during the festive period, and well into this year, i've been wearing red lips a lot so i thought i'd invest in one!
Then i spotted this one on the MUA stand for £1 and thought i'd try it, and it's gorgeous! 
It's really creamy and easy to line the lips with, plus it makes my lipstick last much longer and it doesn't smudge or spread from my lips at all, everything i'd want from a lip liner for only £1!!

I got quite a few new face masks around the Christmas period, but this one has to be my favourite! I got a set of 3 Origins masks, the popular Charcoal mask, the Out Of Trouble mask and this one, the Drink Up mask.
I have really dry skin in the Winter, especially over the cheeks, but when i put this on (sometimes i leave it for an hour or so, it really helps) it leaves my skin looking plump, clear and as soft as velvet! You only need a little bit too so this will last forever!
It's £20 for this mask, you can also get the Intensive version of it, which i'm very tempted by!

I got this candle for Christmas off my mam, she got it from Sainsburys, but i don't know what brand it is, all i know is it's one of the most gorgeous scents ever! 
It's so fresh and fruity, it's a 3 wick candle which means it burns down pretty evenly too.
My Sainsbury's doesn't have these in stock anymore :( i'm hoping they will get them back in at some point! 

One of my random favourites for this month, my hot water bottle! It's been SO freezing lately that this has been my saviour! Also i've had really bad toothache for the past week and holding a hot water bottle against my cheek really soothes the pain :)

I love both of these things individually but together, they're holy grail!
It's the Estee Lauder Double Wear Maximum Cover foundation and the Real Techniques Buffing Brush.
This foundation is seriously a miracle! It's super thick and full coverage, but also manages to feel lightweight on my skin, especially when applied with the buffing brush, it applies flawlessly and makes it really easy to work into the skin.
I wish they sold the buffing brush seperately because currently it's only available in the Core Collection set (£21.99).
The foundation is available from Estee Lauder counters for £27.50.

Eyelash curlers are also a new find to me! After hearing the amazing Youtuber Tanya Burr preaching about curling eyelashes and the benefits i finally took notice and tried it, and holy cow, it really makes a difference!! 
I got these eyelash curlers in my You Beauty Advent Calendar, but they're from Vintage Cosmetics and you can get them from Feel Unique for a fiver and they're really good quality, sturdy and curl your lashes in no time! 

I recently tried out the Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer and i liked it, but i found it creased under my eyes, especially when i was at work, so i switched back to this Dream Matte Mousse Concealer in Natural, i love this but unfortunately it's now discontinued :( why Maybelline WHY?!

And finally my ''Apps'' of the month!

 Pinterest is my obsession at the moment, i can spend ages pinning stuff to my various boards, i'm addicted!! If you have it then follow me (Angelamb09) and you can see all my pins, cos i think they're pretty snazzy :)

Mail Online is another fave of mine, i know it's the Daily Mail and i hate everything they stand for, but Mail Online feels different because it's just trashy gossip and keeps me upto date with all the z-list celebrity goings-on!

And finally Instagram! I love it, i share far too many photos but i don't care, it's mint :) Follow me, my username is (again!) @Angelamb09.

Thanks a lot for reading!
What's been your favourite product of this month? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. great favourites! I love the rt buffing brush really want to try the foundation!:)

    1. The foundation is brilliant! i'd definitely recommend it :)

  2. That Michael Kors watch is gorgeous, hope they bring out another like it soon!
    Daniella x

  3. I love Instagram total addict!


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