bareMinerals READY Eyeshadow Palette - The Star Treatment!

Another day, another eyeshadow palette post! 
I know I have a dangerous obsession with eyeshadow palettes, and it doesn't show any signs of getting any better!
I will warn you before you read this, this palette was limited edition, so it's pretty hard to get hold of!
Mine is off Ebay but you do run the risk with Ebay that it could be a fake so make sure you check the sellers reviews thoroughly before you take the plunge!
Regardless, I just had to share this beauty with you, I knew you'd all appreciate how lovely it is :)

It comes in this gorgeous gold packaging, it's a cow for attracting fingerprints because it's mirrored but I can forgive it anything because of its beauty! 
It also comes with a small sample of the bareMinerals Prime Time eyelid primer which, so far, is amazing! 

Now, hold onto your headgear, because you're about to behold some true beauty!!

Oooh yeah, I know what you're thinking, if it was a man/woman you'd marry it, well join the queue! 
Now for some swatches, behold!

From L-R - VIP, Connoisseur, Carte Blanche, Ritzy, Kudos, Bragging Rights, Elitist, Extravagance.
 These shadows are SO pigmented it's insane!! One swipe of my finger produced the colour you can see above, particularly Connoisseur and Bragging Rights have incredible pigmentation.
They have some really interesting colours too, Carte Blanche and Kudos look really straightforward on these swatches but actually Carte Blanche has a distinctly blue duochrome going on, and Kudos leans more into a green duochrome, absolutely stunning!!

I really don't think people rave enough about bareMinerals eyeshadows, they're fast becoming my favourite eyeshadows and I really can't get enough! 

. Amazing pigmentation.
. Long lasting colour on the eyes.
. Gorgeous, unusual colours.
. Great shade names (which matters to me, shallow I know!)
. Small, portable case, great for travel.
. Very minimal fallout on the face considering how much shimmer is in them.

. Packaging attracts fingerprints.
. Limited edition, so not readily available.
. All shimmer, so not good for mattes fans (luckily, I'm not one!)

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  1. It's gorgeous, I would wear every shade :)x

    1. It's my most used palette at the moment, a colour for every occasion!

  2. The colours are gorgeous. This is the kind of palette that I would get use out of every shade :) xo

    1. You definitely would, I know i am at the moment!


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