Dainty Doll From Fragrance Direct - Jumping On The Bandwagon!

Hello Belle-ettes! 
I haven't blogged in about a week, but I thought I'd wait until the whole Google/GFC debacle had blown over a bit, I'm still not much closer to understanding what that's all about but hey-ho! 

You might have seen a lot of Dainty Doll reviews floating around, because Fragrance Direct are offering their products at a vastly reduced price, upto 80% off! 
If you don't know what Dainty Doll is, it's a makeup brand created by Girls Aloud member and all-round fellow paleface, Nicola Roberts, she created it so that super pale girls like her, me and a lot of you could get great makeup that suits our skin, because the drugstore isn't always so kind to us! 
When the makeup first came out I was tempted to try but it was all a bit too expensive for me, the lipsticks were basically MAC prices, as were the eyeshadows, so I gave it a miss, but when I heard it was on Fragrance Direct I jumped at the chance to try some! And safe to say..I went a bit overboard.

When have you ever known me to do anything by halves?
I like the packaging, it's simple but it's a bitch for attracting fingerprints, much like the Nars and the BareMinerals Ready packaging.
And the box packaging is nice, with a cartoony drawing of Nicola Roberts on the front, hanging out in her lingerie, bit awkward but whatever floats her boat! 
One thing I will say is that the products never have the shade name on the packaging, they just have the shade number, which is annoying and means I'll have to go and search the Fragrance Direct website for them.

 I've used my mole as a reference point for how well this concealer works, and as you can see it's pretty good! It's creamy when you first apply it but as you blend it it turns into powder, I quite like that about it although some people seem to have hated it.

I love this vibrant, metallic eyeshadow! I think the eyeshadows are the stand-out product for me from the Dainty Doll range, they're very creamy and blendable and so pigmented! Really great value for £1.99 although I don't know if I'd pay £11.50 for them.

 As you can see the mirror is missing from this eyeshadow, not that I really care about that!
This is a gorgeous taupe-brown colour, perfect for everyday and really quite unusual! 

This is a beautiful purple duochrome that's shot through with some pink!

Blusher - You Are My Sunshine 004 - £1.99.
 The blushes are also amazing from this range! This reminds me of Nars Super Orgasm, it's a dusky pink shot through with coral shimmer, gorgeous! 

Blusher - My Girl 002 - £1.99.
 This is your basic girly pink blush, it's very pretty and pigmented and just adds a lovely flush to the cheeks.

 Cream Blusher - Orange County Girl 002 - £1.99.
This is a cream blusher, basically just a cream version of the You Are My Sunshine powder blush, creamy but quite sheer.

Blusher - Hippy Shake 001 - £1.99.
 This might look completely mental but I love it! A lilac blush is not something I've ever considered before but this looks really pretty and subtle on pale skin! 

 And finally this gorgeous coral-red lipstick, it's really creamy and moisturising and the packaging is very heavy and substantial feeling which I like too! 
The only thing is it has no scent, and I do like a lipstick to have a nice scent like the MAC lipsticks gorgeous vanilla-ey smell, but if you don't like scented products then you'll love this! 

And that's that! As usual I went overboard, but all the products were £1.99 so they didn't exactly break the bank! 
I think a lot of the products are sold out at the moment but they do get more stock in so keep checking back if you see something here that isn't currently in stock :) 

Hope you're all having a great week, I'm only working one day this week so I'm in an extraordinarily good mood! Hope you're not all working too hard ;) 
Love you all! 

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  1. These are such good prices! I really want to try one of the blushes :)xo


    1. They're still in Boots for £13.50 so this is such good value!

  2. I've never seen anything like that teal eyeshadow. It is beyond stunning. Beauty award of the year winner for best shade!
    My Beauty Junction

    1. it's beautiful isn't it! they're so pigmented too!

  3. Looks like you got some real bargains! And the blushes look beautiful colours eeek :) off to check out fragrance direct right now!xx

  4. The eyeshadows are gorgeous! Love Orange County girl too. X

    1. They're beautiful, and yes it's a gorgeous blush!


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