It's that time again! February has been and gone and it's time for another batch of favourites!
No empties from me this month, I used up a few things but not enough to make it post-worthy, so maybe next month.
I haven't got very many favourites really, but the ones I have I just had to mention!

Firstly the Pro:Voke Touch Of Silver Intensive Treatment Conditioner, I got this from John Lewis for £3.05 because I wanted something to perk up my dip-dyed hair, I already have the ''Twice A Week Brightening'' shampoo which tones down any brassiness in my ends, and this conditioner does such a great job of nourishing my hair! I use it all over, not just on my dip-dyed ends, and it makes my hair so soft it almost makes it feel TOO clean, you know that feeling where it's like you can't do anything with your hair because it's so silky? Yeah, that! 
I think it's brilliant and I'd love to try other products from this range.

Next up is something I got in the You magazine beauty advent calendar from Latest In Beauty, I wasn't initially very excited about this as I thought it would just be another intensive conditioner, most of them I can't distinguish much of a difference between one or another, but how wrong I was! 
This Jo Hansford Expert Colour Care Intensive Masque is an amazing conditioner, it leaves my hair so soft and feeling fresh and healthy, plus I can use it on my roots without it weighing my hair down and making it feel greasy.
It's pretty pricey at £27 for a 150ml tub but if you just want to try it there's plenty of people selling these 40ml samples on Ebay for about £3-£5 each.

I've mentioned these Johnson's Daily Essentials facial cleansing wipes before in a favourites post but I've got back into them recently because they're half price in Superdrug, and I'd forgotten how much I absolutely love them! 
They're very moist (worst word in the dictionary, makes me feel so icky), and I can get off a full face of makeup with just one wipe, although if I'm feeling flush I use two ;) 
The pink ones are my favourite type, just for normal skin, I've tried the purple ''Dreamy Skin'' version too but they're so scented it's almost obnoxious, I could smell my face for hours after I used one, which is a bizarre experience!

Now you might be wondering what this strange, brillo pad type thing I'm featuring here is..well it's a hair doughnut! 
If you google hair doughnut you will come across a million and one different tutorials on how to use this, but it's very very easy, basically you just put your hair in a ponytail, thread your ponytail through this doughnut, back-comb it for some volume if you, like me, have pathetically fine hair and then wrap it round the doughnut and secure with kirby grips, easy peasy! It's really good for when I'm too lazy to wash my hair and can just stick it up in this and I look like I've made much more effort than I have! 
This was only £1 from Primark, and it comes in a blonde colour and black too, they should really include a red coloured one for our flame haired sisters too! 

One of the infamous Poundland Stila products! I wasn't really fussed about all of the hoo-ha about Poundland selling old Stila products, what did people really expect, top notch products for £1?! 
I personally had no bad reaction to any of the products I bought, on the contrary, I absolutely loved this one! 
It's basically a dry shampoo, you have to squeeze the bottle and a puff of dry shampoo shoots out, I use this pretty liberally and it still leaves very little white residue in my hair, and it soaks up grease (lovely!) like no other! 
It's really hard to get hold of unfortunately, my only hope will be Ebay when this baby runs out :( If you have one you don't want, I'll buy it off you haha!

This month I've been obsessed with sneakers! If I had a spare £70 I would definitely be in possession of some Nike Blazers by now, but in the absence of that money I've bought these two pairs of H&M dupes for £14.99, I really like how unusual the patterns/colours are, plus they're so comfy! They're both still available online.

My favourite TV show of the month is Drop Dead Diva, basically the plot is that a vacuous, skinny, blonde fashion model is killed in an accident, and she presses a button when she's up in heaven which means she can return to earth, but not in the body she used to inhabit, in the body of a normal sized, fashion-phobic lawyer, basically the complete opposite, physically, of what she used to be.
It's a fun, happy series for the most part, but it does have sad points, you have to bring your imagination along for the ride obviously because of the general plot but I really enjoy girly programmes like this! 
And my DVD of the month is Jon Richardson's stand up ''Funny Magnet'', you might recognise him from 8 Out Of 10 Cats, this is his first stand up DVD and it's a massive hit with me and my boyfriend! I got it from LoveFilm (I've recently signed up to get 3 DVD's a month sent to me, it encourages me to watch more films!) but I'd definitely consider buying it for my DVD collection.

Finally, my songs of the month :)

The Cab - Angel With A Shotgun.

Taylor Swift - Begin Again.

Justin Timberlake - Mirrors.

There we go! 
Hope you enjoyed this favourites :) 
Please link yours below if you've already done one, I love reading them!

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  1. I love Justin timberlake mirrors so much, honestly, I think I just love all of his songs :) hehe. I think hair doughnuts are fabulous, I use them all the time! I don't really have any facial wipes, but I have heard such amazing reviews about the johnsons ones, and in trust the brand, so I will have to pick some up. Great find at poundland xx

    1. I'm the same, Justin can do no wrong in my eyes!! haha they just glam up your hair a bit don't they, don't know what i did before them! The Johnsons wipes are amazing, i'd definitely recommend them, you can get them for all skin types too!

  2. I love this post, great favourites, i have been obsessed with Taylor Swift Begin Again! :)


    1. Thank you!! So have i, it's a lovely song :)

  3. love that you have shoes on here!
    i know i have favourite shoes but it never crosses my mind to add them to my favourites.

    BreezeyBee Blog

    1. I just stick anything i've been loving on these posts, doesn't matter what it is haha i like it when people do that so i thought i would too! :)

  4. I love how many different favourites you have in these posts Angie! I also love hair donuts and touch of silver for knocking out brassy tones xxx

    1. It just makes sense doesn't it, cos my favourite things of a month are rarely all beauty products, if ever! :) touch of silver is very underrated, i love it!


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