Loreal Wild Ombre Kit - My Aftercare Regime!

You might remember I did a post on my experience with Loreal's Wild Ombre kit back in September (see that post here if you're interested), I've loved having my hair dip-dyed for the past six months but I decided it's time for a change and will be dyeing my hair back to brown soon! 
Which is why I thought I'd do this post on how I've cared for my dip dye while I still have it, I haven't done anything revolutionary or anything but I thought it was worth doing a post on :) 

 This is a brilliant shampoo for toning your blonde ends, I also use it on the top of my hair too and it is quite moisturising and light on the roots, it doesn't weigh them down.

I also love this conditioner for my hair from root to tip, it's light enough to not weigh down my roots like the shampoo.
It gets rid of any last brassiness that the shampoo has left behind too, as well as making it silky soft.

This is THE best intensive conditioner I've ever used, it makes your hair super silky but also light and, once again, doesn't weight it down, you can tell I've had problems with that in the past!!

This is a brilliant heat defence spray, it comes out in a fine mist and not in a single line that just soaks one spot of your hair which not many heat defences do in my experience! 
I think a heat defence spray is integral for all hair, but particularly when you've got dip-dyed or bleached hair.

And finally a oil for the ends of my hair, I use this straight-forward V05 one which is really cheap but you can get pricier ones like MoroccanOil, this one works fine for me though! I slather about half a pipette full all over the blonde bits of my hair and it really improves the appearance of my split ends and makes the ends super soft :).

And that's how I take care of my dip-dye! 
Next time you'll see me I'll have dark hair so bid my ombre farewell!! 

Thanks for reading! :)

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  1. OOO this post is very handy for me atm as i got my hair finally dip-dyed & looking for the best hair care treatments for it :) i use the tresemme one & can never falter with it - been a fave for over 5 years :P the mask & the brightening shampoo & conditioner look good to try out :)
    can you use the shampoo only on the ends if you wanted to ? :)

    1. I'm glad it helped :) it's a brilliant product the tresemme heat defence, such a big bottle too! Yeah and plus you can buy the small version of the mask I linked above to try it out :) yeah I definitely think you can, but I usually wash my hair with normal shampoo first, and then put the toning shampoo on my ends second, I don't know why, just feel like it works best that way round :)

  2. Hey,

    I just read both this and your wild ombré post. And I was just wondering did you do the ombré again? Because the ends of your hair look much lighter in this post compared to the wild ombré review post...just wondering if I'm gonna need to do it more than once :)

    1. Yeah I did do it twice, it's not the strongest bleach in that kit so it wouldn't do the job all in one go :)


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