Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation - Before & After!

Hihi Easter bunnies!
I thought I'd bring you another foundation review as I've bought a few new ones recently and I always look at reviews before I buy a foundation so I hope this will be helpful to somebody!
This is the new look Rimmel Match Perfection foundation, I had the old one and I wasn't very impressed, so I was intrigued to try this!
The packaging is lovely, the blue top makes it stand out and I like that it's a glass bottle, means you can see how much is left and also makes it feel more expensive!
First, the obligatory no makeup shot!

Excuse the towel, I hadn't dried my hair yet!
And afterrr...

It's pretty light coverage, but buildable, my skin isn't bad lately so I'm able to get away with a lighter coverage like this one and the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation.
It's still enough coverage to even out my skintone, you'd definitely need some powder because it's quite oily, even on my dry skin, so I wouldn't recommend this for oily skins.
I got this in the lightest shade 010 Light Porcelain and it's a great colour match, they have a 11 shades, there's a great selection for lighter skins but darker skins seem to have been neglected a bit, which always seems to be the case with drugstore foundations, they can never seem to get very light or very dark skintones right, but at least this one has got one right!

After all day at work this is what it looked like, I work in quite a warm, fast-paced atmosphere so it's a great test for makeup, and it's worn well, but it did fall into the creases under my eyes and my face is pretty shiny so it doesn't keep oil at bay, reinforcing my point that I wouldn't recommend this for oily skin.

1. Great colour match for pale skins.
2. Long lasting coverage.
3. Doesn't settle into dry patches.
4. Buildable coverage.
5. Lovely packaging with a pump on the foundation, take note Revlon!

1. Quite oily even on my dry skin.
2. Settled into fine lines under my eyes.
3. Not enough shades for darker skintones.

This foundation is £6.99 from Boots and Superdrug, online and in stores.


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  1. Wow it looks great. I have freckles similar to yours and when I wear foundation they are always still really dark so I am going to try this as it covers them so evenly :) xo


    1. Yeah it does cover them quite well, I don't mind mine not being covered as much but it's a plus that it does i guess :)

  2. i had it before and i was not a huge fan, still not sure if i should try it, i love the rimmel wake me up still! :)


    1. I'm not a fan of the rimmel wake me up, i did get it in a more tanned shade though for when i've fake tanned so maybe that's why i don't like it!

  3. Great review! I'm never to sure when it comes to buying foundations, this one will be a no-no for me as I'm an oily skintype. Xx


    1. I always look at reviews before i buy foundations, they can be so expensive, even from the drugstore, so you have to be sure! Yeah i'd give this a miss if i was you to be honest! I don't imagine it would be good for oily skins

  4. I think this looks lovely on you, it gives you a nice glow, doesn't make your skin look oily in the photo! :)

    A little bit Unique - Blog // Facebook // Bloglovin


    1. Thank you very much! :) it did feel rather oily in person though


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