So...I know I said in my last haul that I wasn't going to be doing much shopping for a while..but I think we all know that I would never stick to that!! 
This haul isn't much stuff really, and it is over a few seperate visits to Superdrug, not just one visit...disclaimers over, I'll get on with the haul! 

Firstly, who can resist the chocolate they put near the tills?! Because I never can, there was lots of big bars for £1 and I was going to try the new Cadbury's with Oreo pieces in it which sounds insanely good, but I was in the mood for some fruit and nut in the end! And let's face it, it's practically one of our five a day....

 Impress nails are amazing, my own nails are pathetic and when I grow them they just end up snapping straight away, also I work in a job that doesn't allow me to get acrylic nails or gel nails so these Impress nails  that you can just stick on and take off whenever you need to are perfect for me! 
These are currently on 2 for £7.99 on the plain ones and 2 for £9.99 on the patterned ones, I just get plain ones though because I like to paint over them with my own polishes :) So the ''Color Me!'' versions are my favourite to get, although I left the neon pink ones above as they were cos they were so bright and funky! 

 I succumbed to another Rimmel Apocalips in Big Bang, it was between this and Apocalyptic, a bright fuchsia pink, so I got my boyfriend to decide and he picked the red!
It's a gorgeous tomato red, pretty tricky to apply though, I had to spend a while to get it perfect, and it also transferred onto my teeth a few times, NOT a good look! 
But I still really like the Apocalips and would recommend them, but only if you have the time to apply them and get them perfect!

I also got this Maybelline Color Show nail varnish in Ballerina, it's a beautiful light pink, it reminded me of Fiji from Essie, which I've been coveting for ages! 
I only really got this because I got something else from Maybelline and it was buy one thing and get the second half price, so I got this for about £2 :)

I've become a bit obsessed with Maybelline Color Tattoos recently, they make such a good eyeshadow base and also a nice wash of colour over the eyelid on lazy days.
This shade is called Light In Purple, it's a beautiful duo-chrome shade that shifts from lilac, to pink, to blue and I bought it to wear underneath my new BareMinerals eyeshadow called Mirage, that's also a duo-chrome with blue in it and I think this will make a lovely combo! These are great value for £4.99.

I've been getting into purples on my eyes lately so I thought I should get this to intensify the colours I'm wearing, the shade is Endless Purple and it's a semi-matte purple with a pretty sheen to it.

And I also got Permanent Taupe because I think this will be great for lazy days when I only want to spend a few minutes on my makeup, as it's a matte shade.

I know you probably don't want to know about my dry, chapped lips, but there we go, now you do! 
I bought this to put on once or twice a week before I go to bed, I don't think you're supposed to use it everyday.
I've read some brilliant reviews on this so if it works for me maybe I'll do a review as well :)
Blistex Relief Cream was made for very dry, sore lips and for cold sores, so it's great for a pick-me-up for Winter ravaged lips.

Finally, I bought two more MUA lip liners in Brooding Plum and Softly Lined, I think these lip liners are brilliant and I've pretty much covered all of my lipstick shades with these two liners and the one I already owned, Red Drama.
I just wish Softly Lined wasn't so shimmery, but hopefully it won't show up under lipsticks :)

And there we go! I can't promise I won't be doing more shopping in Superdrug soon as we have a brand spanking new one opening in my town soon, so it would be rude not to take a peek ;) 

Thanks for reading lovely people!!

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  1. What a fab haul! I adore Impress nails I took some on holiday and they were just amazing! I love the apocolips on you looks bloody gorgeous!



    Em’s Mixed Bag

    1. I'm obsessed with impress nails! And thank you! It's such a gorgeous red :)

  2. I love the Apocalips shade you picked, very gorgeous and pigmented!

    1. Thank you! It's so beautiful and the smell is amaaaazing!


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