March Favourites!

Happy April!
I hope you didn't get April fooled too horrendously, luckily I wasn't at work so I didn't get anything awful done to me, as I can guarantee if I was that they would have played some horrendous trick on me haha! 

About time I do my March favourites I think! I don't have many this month but I hope you enjoy them anyway :)

I did a post on this Zara bag and it's so gorgeous that I had to include it in my favourites! The only thing that's wrong with it is I can barely fit it in my locker at work haha I have to jam it in diagonally which really pains me to do in case I hurt it (I'm aware it's not living by the way).

This is the most gorgeously scented deodorant in the land! My best friends use this and as soon as I sprayed it on myself once when I was staying round their house and I was instantly hooked!! This might be gross, but I like the fact you can smell it whilst you sweat throughout the day, it reassures me that it's working!

I always swore I'd never get suckered in by a £24 lipstick like this, but I was wrong, I'm completely and utterly suckered!! 
This is such a gorgeous, easy to wear shade, I find myself reaching for it all the time as it goes with any makeup look you're sporting.

Vitamin C Tablets.
Not this brand of Vitamin C tablets in particular, just any brand, I've just noticed that I feel a bit sparkier and I don't seem to be getting colds as often since I started taking these this month! I prefer chewable ones because I HATE swallowing pills.

As you can see, I've used this up now, it didn't last me very long, maybe a month, but I used it obsessively! It seemed to really smooth out my lips and helped with the chapped-ness I've been getting due to the cold weather, I've now bought the Blistex Intensive Moisturiser treatment but I don't like it as much so when that runs out I'll definitely be going back to this one! 
It's one to use at night for sure though as it leaves a white look to your lips, not nice for daytime!

This is one of my holy grail products, I don't think I've ever featured it in a favourites post before and I don't know why!
If you've got dry skin this product is an absolute godsend! When I have dry patches on and beside my nose, which are my dryest area, I apply this cream thickly to the area and leave it on overnight, and by the morning my dry patches are GONE, no word of a lie! 
You can use it as a mask as well, where you leave it on for 10 minutes and then use a muslin cloth to wash off the excess, but for intensive treatment I prefer to leave it on overnight.

My TV programme of the month is The Vicar Of Dibley! I know this has been out for years and years, but I've never got into it before now, and I must say I absolutely loved it! I've watched all of them now and I thoroughly enjoyed it :) Especially her marrying Richard Armitage at the end, the lucky duck, he's just a bit gorgeous! <3

I've been listening to a lot of the same music as last month still but I've also been getting into a few ''blast from the past'' type songs, anyone remember JoJo?!

Is it weird that I still enjoy these songs now?! Nah, I thought not :)

And finally for reading this month I've been loving...
This is a solely beauty magazine which has been created by the famous Youtube makeup guru's the Pixiwoo sisters, and it's amazing! 
It's a magazine that's only available on your PC, Ipad and Iphone, just search for Two Magazine in the App store and download it for FREE from there.
I'd definitely recommend it if you're beauty product mad like me, you'll adore it! 

And that's it for me this month! I hope you've enjoyed this post and I've inspired you to spend some of your hard earned cash, like you guys inspire me to spend mine haha :) 
Love you all lots! 

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  1. I finally got the Zara bag this week, it's my baby & I can't imagine shoving it in a locker haha. I've also been listening to JoJo this month? WEIRD! :)

    Jess xo

    1. haha i know, a painful thought isn't it!! It seems to be surviving it though, i'm just going to carry my purse in my pocket and save my bag the pain i think haha really?! wow that is weird! wonder if something's been subliminally influencing us?! haha


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