Bargain Rimmel ''Kate Moss'' Lipsticks on Fragrance Direct!

Hi guys (unlikely) and dolls!!
I have an exciting offer to share with you! 
I'm a big fan of these Kate Moss from Rimmel lipsticks, they're very creamy and similar in formula to MAC cremesheen lipsticks, and are very pigmented.
They're usually £5.49 in Superdrug and Boots, which is cheap as it is!, but now they're available online at Fragrance Direct for just £1.99!! 
So I got three gorgeous pinky shades;
From left to right, I got 05, 19 and 06.

They're beautiful, wearable shades and have that lovely ''lipstick'' smell, like the lipsticks I used to wear when I was very young! 

Top is 05, middle is 19 and bottom is 06.
They're super glossy lipsticks, 19 looks shimmery in the above swatch but it's not at all, just the camera flash caught it in a way that makes it look like it contains shimmer.
05 is a darker pink, dusky rose colour, 19 is a brown toned pink and 06 is a bright coral pink, very similar to MAC Impassioned! 
I wish they had lovely names rather than just numbers for names though, but that's my only complaint!

So if you're a big fan of these lipsticks I suggest you scurry over to Fragrance Direct, they have so many different shades you're bound to find something to suit you! And if you're unsure as to what the colour looks like, because the little colour swatches Fragrance Direct put on their website aren't very accurate, then just Google the shade name and there'll be plenty of swatches online somewhere :)

Have you found any bargains online lately? Let me know!
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Thanks for the tip!
    I've just placed an order for a few, and I also spotted the Maybelline Fit Me foundation and power too for pretty cheap so got those aswell.

    Lucy x

    1. You're welcome!
      Yes I've seen that foundation and powder, was very tempted by them but i managed to resist, look forward to seeing what you think of them!

  2. I love these lipsticks, what a bargain! xxx

  3. Great score!!! 05 is my favourite :)

  4. thanks for this post hun, i adore no LOVE the kate moss lipsticks .. just glad i didn't buy them all! I can get them so much cheaper now - but i think that will make me buy more haha :)


    1. I love them too! Glad you enjoyed the post :) haha yes so am I! But at least it's a justified splurge when it's such a bargain ;)


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