Elegant Touch UV Gel Press-On Nails - Review!

Hi, hello and hola! 
Today I'm going to share with you a new product that I've been sent, the Elegant Touch UV Gel Press-On nails! (Longest title for a product ever contender!).
I'm a massive fan of the Impress Press-On nails so when I was sent these I was very excited! You can get them in short or medium length which is superior to the Impress version as they only come in one length.

Application is quite different to the Impress nails, they've got adhesive on the nails whereas these Elegant Touch ones you have to apply the adhesive stickers to your nail and remove the backing then press the nail down on top of it (see below).
 I decided to use the lace pattern first, I'm not a massive fan of this pattern really, lace patterns are a bit Miss Havisham for me, but some people might like them and I wanted to save my favourite patterns for a special night out :)

I found these easy to apply, a lot of the stickers were far too big for my nails, I don't know if I have especially small nails but the stickers seemed huge! I cut the bigger ones in half though and used them like that and it seemed to work fine! 

As for how long they last, by the second day a couple of my nails were coming loose, and as my Impress nails last the best part of a week I wasn't impressed! So I took them off and applied a few new ones to replace the wobbly ones, and then by the time I went to bed that night they were coming off too! I was very confused until I realised that I'd just applied cuticle oil and the nails that were wobbly were the ones I'd applied it too, so obviously oil lifts the nails off! 
I reapplied those nails and didn't apply anymore oil at nighttime and the nails lasted 4 days until I had to take them off for work, so it was my stupid fault all along! DOH.

You can get these in several gorgeous patterns, the glitter ones are especially amazing, and I'd definitely recommend buying them, I do still prefer the Impress nails, but I've only used these once and I use Impress nails all the time so I can't really fairly compare them.
These are also slightly cheaper at £7.10 from Boots and Superdrug whereas Impress prices range from £7.99.

Overall I'm really glad that these press-on nails are being done by more brands than just Impress, I knew they'd catch on sooner or later as they're such a brilliant idea! 

. Come in lots of amazing patterns and colours.
. Cheaper than the market alternative, Impress nails.
. Lots of adhesive stickers supplied in the packs so you won't run out, even if you make a few mistakes.
. Long-lasting (if you don't use cuticle oil on your nails whilst you're wearing them, doh).
. Easy to understand instructions.
. Come in two different lengths.

. More complicated to apply than Impress nails.
. Harder to remove, you can't just pull them off unless they're lose, you have to soak them in nail varnish remover, but that's a good thing in some ways because it means they're long lasting.

Elegant Touch UV Gel Press-On nails are available to buy from Boots and Superdrug stores nationwide, and online.

Love you guys!! 

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