Loreal EverRiche Sulphate Free Hair Regime - Review!

I was sent these hair products from Loreal about a month ago, I thought I'd wait a little while to review them so I could make sure I gave you an accurate review :)
They sent me the EverRiche Nourishing & Flowing shampoo, conditioner and intensive mask.

Basically, this range of products contains no waxes and no sulphates so is kinder on your hair, and smoothes it without the help of chemical nasties.
Firstly the shampoo, this is such a nourishing and softening shampoo! I was sceptical that this wouldn't perform without the help of sulphates and waxes, but it's amazing! Makes my hair so soft and manageable, I have wavy hair and after I've used this and the conditioner my hair is completely frizz-free and my curls are way more defined! 
The conditioner is much the same, I don't use it on my roots as conditioners tend to weigh down my hair, but it makes my ends so silky, very impressive! 
And the nourishing mask is equally as impressive! I only use a small bit on my ends about once a week, and my hair was dip-dyed up until very recently so my ends are the dryest part, and I can definitely say it's helped restore moisture back to that part of my hair! 

The smell of these products is also lovely, really fresh and smells strongly of almonds and cream, gorgeous! 
Plus the packaging is very chic and looks extremely upmarket! 
These products are £5.99 for the shampoo and conditioner and £6.99 for the intensive conditioner, but online and instore at Boots at the moment you can get two products from the Loreal Expertise range for £9 so I'd definitely recommend scurrying down to Boots and grabbing these to try! They also do the EverSleek and EverStrong ranges too, I'm definitely interested in trying EverStrong once these run out! 

So my first foray into sulphate free shampoos and conditioners has been a success! I was wary at first but I can safely say that my hair is thanking for me trying them out! 

Thanks for reading!

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