My Ideas For A Perfect Girls Night In!

I got an email the other day which had lots of interesting facts from a survey by Ladbrokes Bingo that showed 70% of women enjoy a girls night in more than a girls night out! 
I'm going round my best friends house for a ''girls night in'' (or a sleepover as we used to call it) tonight so I thought this would be a perfect time to show you what we consider to be the makings of a winning night in! 
The survey also says that 72% of women would get dressed up for a girls night in, but I can't say I agree with that one, if it doesn't involve pyjamas then it's not relaxing enough for me haha! 

This may not look like the most hardcore girls night in, but we love our creature comforts!
Firstly, what is a girls night in without some delicious food?! We usually plump for a Domino's or a Chinese takeaway, nice and low calorie ;) 
We always order FAR too much food and can never eat all of it, but we give it a damn good go!!
Usually we don't drink alcohol on our nights in, we go for a more pampering and relaxing night, so orange Lucozade is a particular favourite tipple of mine! But if we are having a drink we'll usually plump for a fruity cider like Bulmers (their new flavours cherry and grape are lush, but always drink responsibly kids) or Jacques.

After we've filled our bellies with food the next stop for us is picking a movie! I've picked some girly films like Sex And The City the movie and Sleepless In Seattle (one of my favourite films!) and also a comedy, Anchorman (''Brick...where did you get a hand grenade?'') because they're uplifting watches for a night in, but if you're like me and my best friend and you have a altogether stronger stomach, then go for a horror film! We've watched allsorts of horror/supernatural/thriller films on our nights in, my particular favourites were The Fourth Kind and Hostel, but maybe just go for a nice happy film if you're not as...odd as me and my friends :) 

As I mentioned before, our nights in are more about pampering, so face masks are a given! As much as I love all my pricier ones like Origins, you can never go wrong with good old Montagne Jeunesse, they come in multi-use tubes or one-use sachets, and you can get so many different kinds that there's something for everyone! My favourites are the peel-off ones, they're so easy and there's something satisfying about peeling them off (or is that just me?).

And finally to top off the pampering, a manicure! I own so many nail varnishes, as you'll know if you're a regular reader of this blog, so obviously giving me and my friend a manicure is top of my list for a night in! I've picked some Barry M nail varnishes above, because if I was pushed to choose a favourite brand it would probably have to be them! Their glitters are out of this world so definitely check them out and stock up before your next girls night in! 

And that's everything me and my friends need for a proper girly night in! Apart from some gossip and cosy pyjamas of course, but that's a given ;) 

Do you and your friends have a different kind of girls night to me? Let me know!
Thanks for reading!

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  1. couldn't agree more, i definitely prefer a good night in! i love stuffing my face with ridiculous amounts of takeaway and junk food whilst watching utter rubbish on tv or a chick flick or two! xxx

    1. Most definitely!! Plus you can actually gossip on nights in, it's not too loud and you have to go out in the smoking area where it's cold and rainy haha

  2. This definitely looks like an awesome night! Who can deny chickflicks with a pizza as being a good night??

    Hannah @ Squidoodles & oodles xx

    1. And don't forget some garlic bread ;) haha


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