New Candle Haul - Including A Dupe For Bath & Bodyworks Market Peach!

Hola girlies!
It's candle-o-clock here at The Beauty Belle once again! What can I say, I have an obsession with buying a lot of things, and candles is one of them!
These are all wax tarts though so in my eyes, I've actually been quite good ;)
I got all of these tarts from Ebay, I will list a seller you can buy the tarts from underneath the pictures if I can find one.

Sicilian Lemon - £1.68.
This is a lovely, subtle lemon scent, not quite as strong and overpowering as Sparkling Lemonade, this smells more like actual lemon juice. 
I'm not usually a massive fan of lemon scents but I wanted something nice and fresh for Summer.

White Gardenia - £1.68.
I actually got this for my mam because she loves the smell of gardenia's, it's just a nice, light floral scent, I can imagine this scent being a crowd pleaser and being liked by everyone!

This smells EXACTLY like daisies! It's unbelievable how they've captured the scent of daisies and grass on a Summers day in this tart, I can't wait to burn this when the weather gets better.

This is a super strong scent, it really fills the room quickly and can be quite overpowering at times! But if you're burning it in a big room then it'd be great cos you can literally smell it all around my house when I've burnt it before! Smells more of mango than peach, though which is disappointing for me.

Vanilla Lime - £1.68.
I'm loving limes at the moment, lime cheesecake, the Lime Refresher drink from Starbucks, and lime scents from Yankee Candle! I wish they'd launch more because it's such a refreshing change to the usual lemon scents, and vanilla is one of my favourite scents ever so that gives this scent a lovely warmness.

This is a rarer scent which is why it's more expensive than the others, it smells exactly like orange Calippo lollies! really fresh and sweet, reminds me of hot Summer days in the park eating ice lollies :)
Granny Smith - £2.75.
I'm burning this one at the moment in my bedroom, it's a mix of freshness with a slight acidic kick of the granny smith apples, very nice! Smells like straight-up apple juice.

Summer Scoop - £1.95.
O. M. G.
This smells exactly like strawberry ice-cream!! It's crazy, I haven't burnt this yet, I'm, again, saving it for the good weather but as soon as the sun comes out from behind the clouds again I will be cracking this out and craving strawberry ice-cream by the truckload!!
Honey Blossom - £1.95.
I'm not usually a floral person but I really like the sweetness of this floral scent, it's not like any other floral Yankee Candle that I've ever smelt!
Plus, the colour of the tart is beautiful and matches my bedroom perfectly ;)

Freestone Peach - £1.68.
This is an amazing scent, it smells like straight up peach! No messing around with this, it just smells like you've cut a peach in half and sniffed it! 
This is exactly how people are describing the much-loved Market Peach candle from Bath & Bodyworks, as just a straight up peach, so as we can't get hold of that candle in the UK this is an amazing dupe for it! 
The scent throw for Kringle Candles are amazing too, they're owned by Yankee Candle so you get the same quality, they're just simpler and more uncomplicated scents.
Bartlett Pear - £1.68.
I'm burning this at the moment, like the peach one this just smells like fresh pears, nothing more and nothing less! It's amazing how they can replicate scents so perfectly! 

And that's that! 
As you can see, I didn't go too mad....ok fair enough, I did! And I can't promise I won't be buying more, but hey-ho! We all have to have a hobby!

Thanks for reading! And if you have any favourite candles you would like to recommend to me then please do :)


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