New H&M Glitter Nail Varnishes!

Oh helloooo pretty little things!
You, and the nail varnishes of course ;)
Today I'm bringing you these beautiful glitters from H&M's cosmetics line, I love H&M nail varnishes, they're really long lasting and great quality for the price.
They seem to do dupes for current nail trends quite a lot too, I don't know why they're not more famous for their cosmetics!
Swatches abound!

This one is called Copper (one thing H&M don't do well is inspired names, this isn't remotely copper) and is a standard chunky hex glitter in blue, red, gold and silver in a clear base.
The swatch above is one coat, I reckon you could get this to be opaque in about 3-4 coats, but i prefer it as a top-coat myself.

 This is definitely my favourite, look how beautifulllllll <3
It's called ''Blue'' (wonder how long it took them to think up that name!) and is a dupe in formula for the Nails Inc ''Feathers'' polishes, except this is bright blue and holographic! (which makes it ten times better obviously!).
It takes 2-3 coats to be opaque and is SO eyecatching on the nails.

 This is a really lovely polish, it's what's called a ''flakie'', where there is large pieces of glitter suspended in a clear base, almost like bits of plastic rather than normal glitter actually!
Lots of brands do these flakie nail polishes, but this is definitely the cheapest one I've come across! 
And this one is called ''White''.

And that's them! 
I think they're all beautiful and well worth the money, whether you're an avid nail varnish collector/addict (like me) or a newbie who's trying to grow their collection, these polishes are completely fool-proof! 
And the best thing about these polishes is they retail for £2.99!

You can get them in H&M stores nationwide (possibly worldwide!) or from the H&M website.

Catch you guys later!!

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  1. I have the Blue one and it's so beautiful!! Picked it up on a whim and was so impressed with the coverage. Might have to go pick up flakies now though.....

    1. It is really beautiful!! H&M cosmetics are so underrated, don't know why more people don't rave about them!


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